As a leading higher education public relations agency, TVP Communications is routinely asked for its perspective on a variety of industry best practices and stories of the day. Below, we have provided a sampling of instances where our staff’s expertise has been featured in media citations, guest columns and featured commentary across higher education trades, national media and leading association publications.

Inside Higher Ed

‘Scheduling Circumstances’
by Rick Seltzer, posted October 6, 2017

When Presidents Talk Politics
by Rick Seltzer, posted November 3, 2016

What Athletes Can Say
by Jake New, posted August 3, 2016

A Costly Debate
by Paul Fain, posted July 20, 2016

How (Not) to Hide a Scandal
by Ellen Wexler, posted April 20, 2016

The Alumni Question
by Kellie Woodhouse, posted December 9, 2015

A Common Sign
by Jake New, posted August 28, 2015

Stepford Wives: College Edition
by Jake New, posted August 19, 2015

The Wrong Position on the FAFSA Position
by Ali Lincoln, posted October 16, 2014 

Beyond Anecdote: Communications Professionals Must Fight Decision by Anecdote (essay)
by David Brond and Teresa Valerio Parrot, posted September 27, 2013

Tweet Smart, Tweet Often
by Allie Grasgreen, posted August 20, 2013

Whole Different Ballgame
by Kevin Kiley, posted June 11, 2013

Uneasy Silence
by Kevin Kiley, posted November 9, 2011

Chronicle of Higher Education

Spanier’s Conviction Highlights Lessons of Sandusky Scandal
by Eric Kelderman, posted March 24, 2017

With Postelection Tensions Running High, College Presidents Carefully Choose Their Words
by Audrey Williams June, posted November 16, 2016

How Presidents Try to Stay Ahead of the Social-Media Outrage Machine
by Lee Gardner, posted October 9, 2016

Why Do So Many College Presidents Call Their Campuses a ‘Family’?
by Gabriel Sandoval, posted July 29, 2016

Dispute Between Chancellor and System President Clouds UC-Davis in Controversy
by Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez, posted June 10, 2016

Margaret Spelling is Caught Between Her State and the Federal Government. Now What?
by Beckie Supiano, posted May 6, 2016

How 3 Crisis Communications Experts Would Have Handled the Uproar at Mount St. Mary’s
by Rio Fernandes, posted February 12, 2016

What to Do When the Outrage is Aimed at Your Campus
by Beth McMurtrie, posted September 8, 2015

Inside the Decision to Reinstate Football at the U. of Alabama in Birmingham
by Lee Gardner, posted June 3, 2015

At U. of Florida, More Questions Than Answers as Rape Charges Are Dropped
by Katherine Mangan, posted October 13, 2014

Colleges Walk a Fine Line When Athletes are Accused of Sexual Assault
by Katherine Mangan, posted October 9, 2014

Gordon Gee, the Teflon President, Weathers Another Storm Over Expenses
by Jack Stripling, posted September 26, 2012

Penn State’s Culture of Reverence Led to ‘Total Disregard’ for Children’s Safety
by Brad Wolverton, posted July 12, 2012

Spanier’s National Footprint Fades
by Jack Stripling, posted November 14, 2011

An Icon Falls, and a President With Him
by Brad Wolverton, posted November 10, 2011

Navigating New (Media) Frontiers
by Kristine Maloney, posted August 10, 2009


When a Student Dies
by Theresa Walker, published September 2016

Don’t Wait to Communicate About Sexual Assault (PDF)
by Ellen Ryan, published March/April 2016

Office Space: The Press Release is Dead (PDF)
by Erin Hennessy, published November/December 2014

In CASE: Stellar Speaker Spotlight (PDF)
published February 2014

Tackling Social Media (PDF)
by Chris Syme, published March 2013

Communicating Up (PDF)
by Lydia Lum, published February 2013

American Council on Education’s The Presidency

Communicating in Times of Crisis (PDF)
by Teresa Valerio Parrot, published Fall 2012

Association of Governing Boards’ Trusteeship

Board Members with Pet Priorities (PDF)
by Teresa Valerio Parrot, published Sept/Oct 2013

Defining the Board’s Role in Crisis Communications (PDF)
by Patricia Hayes and Teresa Valerio Parrot, published Sept/Oct 2009

Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities’ Connections

Holy Cross’ Vice President for Mission Returns to Lead Mission Programs at Alma Mater
by Cristal Steuer, published February 2017

More Than a Game: Holy Cross Uses Yankee Stadium Football Battle as an Opportunity to Reach New Audience
by Cristal Steuer and Bridget Campolettano

Bulldog Reporter

PR PROfile: Teresa Valerio Parrot
posted September 28, 2015

Campus Sonar

The Real Cost (and Value) of Crisis Social Listening in Higher Education
by Liz Gross, posted March 30, 2018

The Chicago Tribune

40 for 40
posted October 2014

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Trump’s Itchy Twitter Finger Making Charities Uneasy
by Rebecca Koenig, posted February 13, 2017


The Term “White Lie” Give All PR Pros a Bad Name
by Cristal Steuer, posted March 7, 2018

The Communicator

University of Illinois endures a summer of scandals
by Christy Gutowski & Stacy St. Clair, posted August 29, 2015

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Experts praise TCU’s Aggressive Crisis Management
by Alex Branch, posted February 16, 2012

The Hartford Courant

UConn Holds Onto No. 19 Ranking Among National Public Universities
by Kathleen Megan, posted September 9, 2014

The Houston Chronicle

No Texas university joins national letter supporting Paris climate agreement
by Lindsay Ellis, posted June 5, 2017

To restore reputation, Baylor should be upfront, aggressive online about scandal
by Benjamin Wermund, posted June 3, 2016

Huffington Post

Michigan State Took Too Long With Sexual Assault Cases, Federal Investigation Finds
by Tyler Kingkade, posted September 1, 2015

The Missoulian

UM Media Consultant’s Advice is to Tell Truth
by Sally Mauk, posted August 31, 2012

Is Your Company Growing? Recruit New Hires More Efficiently
by John Rossheim

Montana Public Radio

Montana Evening Edition Newscasts, posted August 21, 2012

The OC Register

A half century smart: 50th anniversary celebrated at UC Irvine
by Roxana Kopetman, posted October 3, 2015

The Pittsburgh Tribune Live

California University of Pa. president praised for her poise amid turmoil
by Debra Erdley, posted January 18, 2015


Colleges ramp up policies to curb student sexual assault
by Lauren Nichols, posted January 27, 2015

Student Press Law Center (SPLC)

College PR offices fight against student media to manipulate narrative
by Samuel Breslow, posted February 16, 2018

TCU 360

TCU Takes Hands-On Approach in Dealing with Aftermath of Drug Arrests
by Ross Van Zandt, posted February 16, 2012

Texas Monthly Daily Post

5 Things to Know About the TCU Drug Bust (PDF)
by Jason Cohen, February 16, 2012

USA Weekly

Interview with Teresa Valerio Parrot, Founder and Principal at TVP Communications
posted January 20, 2018

The Worcester Business Journal

40 Under Forty: Kristine Maloney
posted August 31, 2015

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

College Town: Area colleges speak about social media conduct
by Bonnie Russell, posted June 11, 2017

Colleges Use New Tools to Reel in New Students
by Mark Sullivan, posted February 10, 2013