screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-12-55-28-pmHAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Today is the fifth anniversary for TVP Communications. Five years feels like an important milestone, but one that I never doubted we would reach. I am so proud of our work on behalf of colleges, universities and education-related organizations. We’ve provided guidance, earned amazing placements, presented across the country (and world!) and provided support when institutions faced highs and lows. And it has been my honor to be a part of it all. Thank you to my amazing colleagues for their hard work and for pushing back when it is necessary, pitching something one more time even after a series of “nos,” putting up with my love of emoticons and caring deeply about our industry and each other.

It seems somehow fitting to share the text of my first blog post from five years ago… all of it is still relevant today.



Launching a New Day! 

About seven years ago I was introduced to someone who changed my life professionally.  Christopher Simpson met me when I worked at the University of Colorado and was desperate to find communications solutions for my alma mater.  The university was facing turbulent times and with his assistance we started to tell stories on our terms.

As a former reporter, Christopher told me he was too lazy to type out all three of my names and he renamed me TVP.  I’ve never gone back.

TVP Communications is about learning to be bigger than you thought you could be and finding your voice in the good times and bad.

Most of all, its about bringing light to what higher education has to offer.

With that– here’s to you Christopher ;).