As students across the country start attending classes, competing in athletic matches, and taking part in campus life, we have been soaking up the heartwarming stories taking place in schools, colleges and universities this fall. Here are a few of our favorites.

While watching the Fox 25 Morning News earlier this week, a barber was giving free haircuts, pressing curls and painting nails for children in Mattapan, Mass. The owner of Mattapan’s Finest Barbers wanted children to feel and look good on their first day of school; he also handed out backpacks filled with school supplies. The tradition started seven years ago when the owner took his daughter to school and noticed many of the children did not have their hair cut or a backpack.

One Florida State University football player made an autistic child’s day by eating lunch with him. Since then the video of the pair dining in the cafeteria has gone viral and the team has given sixth-grader Bo Paske and his family tickets to a football game.

Twitter is abuzz with an adorable 11-year-old who is not only taking organic chemistry at the University of Toldeo, Ohio, but offered to tutor his classmates as well.

And one student at Ohio State University just became the most popular kid in his class by making a near-impossible shot of a paper ball into a trash bucket in a lecture hall-style classroom. The teacher promised an A to everyone in the organic chemistry class if he made the shot. Swish!

The Nebraska Cornhuskers honored their fallen kicker, who tragically died in a car accident over the summer, by taking to the field in their first game against Fresno State with only 10 players (no kicker), accepting a delay of game penalty for their first play, in honor of their late teammate Sam Foltz. Fresno State graciously declined the penalty.