Announcements and Events

We love good news—who doesn’t? At TVP Communications, we spend a lot of time with clients planning for major announcements and events. We’ve worked with institutions and organizations to plan and execute announcements and events for major gifts, leadership transitions, new programs, name changes and more.

We understand that sharing this sort of good news requires the same level of planning and coordination as any other communications effort. To that end, we work with clients to understand the full story behind the announcement. From there, we will develop a messaging and communications strategy that identifies all relevant audiences and matches them with appropriate messaging and communication vehicles.

Once we have a strategy in place, we can develop all needed communications materials, including talking points, press releases and more. We are also able to plan and execute events and press conferences that tie directly into the broader communications strategy and connect with your audiences.

Click here to see a sampling of media coverage we have secured for our clients, including stories about major announcements and events. We also have a detailed list of recent media coverage available.