Below is a more detailed list of recently secured media coverage of TVP Communications client partners, with links to original print and broadcast stories where available.

Higher Education Trades and Blogs >

Inside Higher Ed
Survey Finds Gender Divide on Students’ Financial Literacy (Higher One)
Pinning Down a New Medium (Drake University)
Report Calls for Mandatory Financial Literacy Education (Higher One)
Sharing Governance (Augustana College)
Time to Play Offense (Drake University)
Expand the Conversation (Frostburg State University)
In Your Face (Wheelock College)
Gay Presidents Organize (The Adler School)
A Crackdown on Hazing/The 31 Million NonDegreed (NASPA and Drake University)
Governance Showdown in Texas/Senator’s Survey on Sexual Assault (NASPA)
And the Band Plays On (NASPA)
The Hidden Curriculum (NASPA)
UD or VD? (Drake University)
Intercession Solitude (Saint Mary’s College of California)
Stressed Out College Freshmen/Should Colleges do Business in Saudi Arabia? (NASPA)
First, Do No Harm (NASPA)
What Happens on Campus Stays on Campus? (NASPA)
Don’t Call Us Only in a Crisis (NASPA)
Does Harvard Need Your Money? (CASE)
We Should Applaud Harvard’s Fund-Raising Success (CASE)
The Best Pricing Model: Transparency (Augustana College)
Beyond the Transcript (NASPA, University of Wisconsin, Campus Labs)
Two-Plus-Two in Temecula (California State University San Marcos)
When the Sum Isn’t Greater (University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
Call for Help (NASPA and University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
A Game Changer for Financial Aid (Augustana College)
Free Employee GED Benefit (GED Testing)
New Lumina Papers on Performance-Based Funding (Lumina Foundation)
The Justice’s Questions on Affirmative Action (Grinnell College)
Superbowl Marketing Opportunity (California State University San Marcos)
Lumina Releases Papers on Performance-Based Funding (Lumina Foundation)
New Public U Collaboration on Student Completion (Association of Public and Land-grant Universities)
Survey: 90% of Students Feel Unready to Pay Back Student Loans (Higher One)
Developing a Flexible Degree (University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
Papers on New Approaches to Higher Ed Financing (Lumina Foundation)
Overview of Colleges’ Use of Emergency Aid (NASPA)
Time for Sergeants (Grinnell College)
New Papers on Performance-Based Funding (Lumina Foundation)
Smarter State Spending (Lumina Foundation)
B Lab Releases Standards for Colleges (Lumina Foundation)
Efficiency, At Scale (Lumina Foundation)
Quality and Competency (Lumina Foundation)
How Do We Move Forward? (NASPA)
Faculty on the Front Lines (Drake University)
Commission Report on Higher Ed Financing (Lumina Foundation)
Midcareer Professors Need Love, Too (Grinnell College)
Controversial Speech in a Polarized Climate (NASPA)
Sweet Briar Picks Next President (Sweet Briar College)
Survey Results Say … There’s a Disconnect (NASPA)
Adler University President Discloses HIV Status (Adler University)
A Scientist Speaks for the Arts and Humanities (Grinnell College)
Studying the Borderlands (Grinnell College)
A Plan to Kill High School Transcripts … and Transform College Admissions (Mastery Transcript Consortium)
The ‘Alt-Reich’ Next Door (NASPA)
Mount St. Mary’s Hires Interim Chief as President (Mount St. Mary’s University)
MOOCs Moving On, Moving Up (University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
Study on Performance-Based Funding in 3 States (Lumina Foundation)
Many Trustees See Faculty as Barrier to Change (Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges)
New Bid to Overhaul College Admissions (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

Chronicle of Higher Education
What Happens When Two Colleges Become One (Georgia Regents University)
DIY College Rankings (College Factual)
In Admissions, Old Playbook Is Being Revised (Drake University)
Parents Now Get Themselves Involved in Graduate Admissions, Too (Wheelock College)
To Foster Financial Literacy, Students Need More Than Information, Report Says (Higher One)
Teaching Financial Literacy Is a Challenge, Both on Campus and Beyond (Higher One)
College Chief Speaks Out on Coming Out Video (The Adler School)
Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom (Drake University)
Unusual Loan Program Lets International Students Borrow Later, Repay Quickly (Maharishi School of Management)
Akron Wins Million-Dollar Prize for Increasing Its College Graduates (Talent Dividend)
Why Colleges Haven’t Stopped Binge Drinking (Frostburg State University)
Centenarians on Campus (Drake University)
How One University Unexpectedly Found Itself Ranked Among the ’25 Most Dangerous Colleges’ (Drake University)
Despite Progress, Only 1 In 4 Colleges Presidents Are Women (California State University San Marcos)
Should College Administrators Yak Back? (NASPA)
New Proving Ground for the Presidency: Student Affairs (NASPA)
Sexual Assault on Campus: 9 Views on What Will Signal Progress (University of Montana)
On Leadership (NASPA)
Financial Literacy: Can It Be Taught? Should Colleges Even Try? (Higher One)
College Jobs, Never Easy, Have Become Pressure Cookers (Augustana College)
The Case Against More Guns On Campus (NASPA)
What I’m Reading: Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town (Augustana College)
What I’m Reading: Becoming Steve Jobs (University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
What Leaders Can Learn From Teaching Undergraduates (Augustana College)
When $300 Would Keep a Student from Dropping Out (NASPA)
Invest in Evidence (Grinnell College)
Costs of Competency-Based Programs Come Into Focus (Lumina Foundation)
A Former West Point Official Helps Mount St. Mary’s Find Its Footing (Mount St. Mary’s University)
Trump’s Surprise Victory Sends Shock Through Higher Ed (NASPA)
The New Financial-Aid Timeline: How Colleges Are Adjusting (Drake University)
Former UVa Dean Is Named Sweet Briar’s First Permanent President Since It Nearly Closed (Sweet Briar College)
Disclosing HIV Status, Adler U. Chief Strikes Empathic Chord With Marginalized Groups (Adler University)
Our Fixation on Midcareer Malaise (Grinnell College)
Creative Ways to Help Students Recover From Failure (Grinnell College)
The Four Types of Post-Tenure Professor (Grinnell College)
Helping Professors Overcome Midcareer Malaise (Grinnell College)
Ways to Get Professors to Escape Career Ruts (Grinnell College)
How Can Colleges Respond to Extremist Activity Among Students? (NASPA)
Retaining International Students: What Works, What Doesn’t (Grinnell College, Farmer School of Business)
How to Do a Better Job of Preparing Students for Life After College (Grinnell College)
Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Encourages Conversations About Teaching (College of the Holy Cross)
What I Learned from My Campus Job (Grinnell College)
What Did You Do for Winter Break? (College of the Holy Cross)

University Business
Construction site: Proceed with communications (Georgia Regents University)
A College Experience You Can Count On (Augustana College)
Gaining traction for your financial literacy program (Higher One)
Implementing shared services in higher education (Georgia Regents University)
Thought Leadership Q&A (Higher One)
Rhodes College names first female president (Rhodes College)

Chronicle Vitae
Citations for Drake University, Ithaca College and Georgia Regents University

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
Like Private Businesses, Universities Consolidate to Cut Costs (Georgia Regents University)
Retention, Graduation Efforts of Akron Area Pays Dividends (Talent Dividend)
Native American Cultural Centers Imperative to Student Success (California State University San Marcos)
Golden Gate University Ranked No. 1 for Adult Learners (Washington Monthly)
Educator Warns of Pitfalls of Training to Workforce Needs (Lumina Foundation)
Rhodes College Names Marjorie Hass First Female President (Rhodes College)
Sweet Briar College Names Former UVa Dean as New President (Sweet Briar College)
Woo Ushering in New Era at Sweet Briar College (Sweet Briar College)

Times Higher Education
US lecturers move into student dorms to aid retention (NASPA and Florida Atlantic University)
US universities should follow UK in promoting students’ ‘soft skills’ (NASPA)
With end of tenure in sight, end of tether is too (Grinnell College)
The arts are not distant from the public good – they are the public good (Grinnell College)
Interview with Meredith Woo (Sweet Briar College)

Hechinger Report
Like private businesses, universities consolidate to cut costs (Georgia Regents University)
Can higher education reinvent our “paralyzed and dysfunctional” democratic process?(Drake University)
What would Thomas Jefferson say? The heart and mind of the new liberal arts (Redlands University)
Gaming the numbers? Conflicting college admissions messages confound parents and kids (Drake University)
How liberal arts offer the very ‘workplace skills’ that critics demand (Drake University)
College financial aid letters can get complicated, but are rarely trickery (Augustana College)
Colleges need to support low-income students or risk greater economic disparity. But can it be done? (NASPA)
Hardly anyone pays full price for college any more–deal with it (Augustana College)
Eliminating “have” and “have not” categories from the Iowa prairie and beyond (Grinnell College)
Many college students find Donald Trump’s comments appalling — Here’s why ignoring him is worse (ALL IN)
Touted as the next big solution, competency ed programs that stress skills aren’t always a ‘quick and easy moneymaker,’ study finds (Lumina Foundation)

Education Dive
Study: HS financial literacy course an advantage (Higher One)
Lumina Foundation papers explore outcomes-based funding (Lumina Foundation)
More colleges developing holistic supports for student financial wellness (Higher One)
Over 500 Campuses Reviewed in In-Depth Study of Current Emergency Aid Programs (NASPA)
Outcomes-Based Funding: Lessons for Colleges and Universities (Lumina Foundation)
Washington Monthly Releases 2016 Best College Guide (Washington Monthly)
Marjorie Hass Named 20th President of Rhodes College (Rhodes College)
Elite private schools hope to end traditional high school transcripts (Mastery Transcript Consortium)
Modernizing campus operations in the cloud (College of the Holy Cross)
Why students in public and private high schools will all benefit from a mastery transcript (Mastery Transcript Consortium)
Mercersburg Academy Bucks National Trends on Cost (Mercersburg Academy)

The College Solution
Why You Shouldn’t be a Stealth College Applicant (Ithaca College)

Education Week
Common Core Needs to Expand to Provide “Global” Learning (Wheelock College)
Ohio Leaders Win $1 Million Prize to Spur Cities’ College-Going (Talent Dividend)
We Need Teachers of Color (Wheelock College)
College Leaders: Preparing Students for Careers Isn’t Top Priority (Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges)

AGB’s Trusteeship
Student Affairs, Boards, and Rebuilding the Public Trust (NASPA)
Trustee Spotlight: Javier M. Gonzales (New Mexico State University)
Partners in Progress: College, Community, and Board Contribution (Wheelock College and California State University  San Marcos)
A Board’s Role in Sustainable Farming and Organic Problem Solving (Frostburg State University)
Inaugural Transitions (Drake University)
Naming–And Solving–the Governance Challenge (Grinnell College)
A Fundamental Approach to Success (California State University San Marcos)
Saving Green through Entrepreneurship (Ball State University)
Helping Students Finish What They Start (Governors State University)
Choosing Wisely When the Stakes Are High (Mount St. Mary’s University)

AGB’s Newsletter
President as Kaleidoscope (University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
Returning Honor to Higher Education (Wells College)

NASPA’s Leadership Exchange
First in the Family (College of Saint Rose, University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
Strategies for Student Success (California State University San Marcos)

Academic Minute
Referee Bias in NCAA Football (Farmer School of Business)
9/11 and Free Speech (University of Queensland)
Middle East Economics (Drake University)
Advertising in the Social Media Age (Farmer School of Business)
Copper Reduces Infections in Hospitals (Grinnell College)
Beer and the Environment (College of the Holy Cross)
International Box Office Revenue is a Leading Reason for Less Diversity in Films (Scripps College)

ACE’s Higher Ed Today
New CSUSM Center Helps Latinos Overcome Academic Obstacles (California State University San Marcos)

AALHE’s Emerging Dialogues in Assessment
Going Global: Creating the Sociological Literacy Framework from International Assessment Practitioners (Grinnell College)

NASFAA’s Newsletter
Lumina Foundation Releases Papers on Outcomes-Based Funding, Public Institutions (Lumina Foundation)

Community College Daily
Focusing on the final 10 percent (NASPA)

WGBH ON Campus
A New College Ranking Designed for Adults (Washington Monthly)
Ranking Colleges That Serve Adult Learners (Washington Monthly)

eCampus News
What’s important in a revamped college ranking system? P1 (Washington Monthly)

America’s Promise Alliance News
Two False Messages Students Get About College (APM Reports)

New College Rankings Are Out: NPR Ed Rates The Rankings! (Washington Monthly)

New Study Examines the Cost Curve for Competency-Based Programs (Lumina Foundation)

BizEd Magazine
Gifts and Donations (Farmer School of Business)
Whole-Brain Thinking (Farmer School of Business)
Transitions–People and Places (Farmer School of Business)

Poets & Quants for Undergrads
Making Grads Who Know How To Code (Farmer School of Business)

EWA Radio
Goodbye, High School Transcripts? (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

WBUR Edify
Building A Better Transcript: What Grades Measure, And What They Don’t (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

National Media Outlets and Blogs >

TIME Magazine
Cash-Strapped Universities Turn to Corporate-Style Consolidation (Georgia Regents University)
A Year After Sandy, Living Dangerously by the Sea (Florida Atlantic University)

USA Today
Obama pitches new student loan rules; blasts GOP (Higher One)
Financial literacy education has lasting impact (Higher One)
Grim job prospects could scar today’s college graduates (Drake University)
Whitey Bulger witness found dead amid mob murder trial (Florida Atlantic University)
The new norm in Hollywood? Hypersexed (Florida Atlantic University)
FAFSA application tips for students with a deceased parent (Higher One)
Colleges work to reduce drinking: Opposing View (NASPA)
Student blows $90k college fund, says parents didn’t teach her to budget (Higher One)
Emergency aid helps keep students in college (Scholarship America, NASPA, University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension)
Why every new college student should find a mentor (Wells College)
Campus news of the week: Public emails, a new logo and … lice (College of the Holy Cross)
11 college courses in pop culture we wish we could take (Grinnell College)
Washington Monthly’s 2017 best colleges list has some surprises (Washington Monthly)
Groundbreaking 1968 pageant proved black is beautiful (Grinnell College)

New York Times
Tip Sheet | 8 Things Admissions Officers Wish You Knew About Applying to College (Drake University and Frostburg State University)
Pregnancy Takes a Turn on the Red Carpet (Drake University)
Doing Enough to Prevent Rape on Campus? (NASPA)
It’s Tradition (Drake University)
Copper Sinks and Faucets May Stem Hospital Infections (Grinnell College)
Trying to Solve a Bigger Math Problem (APM Reports)
Let’s Waste College on the Old (Washington Monthly)
Newtown Is ‘Still So Raw,’ 5 Years After Sandy Hook Shooting (Grinnell College)

Wall Street Journal
Colleges Find Micro Grants Keep Some Students From Dropping Out (Talent Dividend)
College Freshmen Feel Ill-Equipped to Manage Their Money (Higher One)
Critics Raise Heat on Sports-Fantasy Sites Draft Kings, FanDuel (Drake University)
U.S. Sports Leagues, Fretting Over Revenue, Warm Up to Legalized Betting (Drake University)
If You Say You Went to St. Mary’s, You Will Need to Be More Specific (Mount St. Mary’s University, College of the Holy Cross, Augustana College)
Aging Pipes and Leaky Roofs Plague College Campuses (Wells College)

U.S. News & World Report
How to Handle Complications With the Common App (Ithaca College)
The Case Against the SAT (Ithaca College)
Pipeline Programs Help Get Undergrads to Medical School (Georgia Regents University)
Start Conversations About Drugs, Alcohol in College (Frostburg State University)
Spot a Financial Aid Offer that Won’t Pay Senior Year Bills (Drake University)
Survey: Students Becoming Less Financially Responsible (Higher One)
What 2015 Graduates are Saying About Student Loans (Drake University)
Ignorant Voters are the Problem (Drake University)
Weigh the Pros, Cons of Living at Home in College (Drake University)
GOP Is Still Waiting for a Breakout Moment (Drake University)
Why Public School May Not Be the Cheapest College Option (Augustana College)
Just Like Jimmy (Drake University)
Bernie Has the Right Strategy (Longwood University)
Clarity for the VP? (Grinnell College)
Our Campaign Finance Frankenstein (Drake University)
Clinton’s Iowa Issue: The Youth Vote (Scripps College)
Second place puts Kasich in front (Longwood University)
New Hampshire Produced More Question Marks Than Periods (Drake University)
Dying Better, Even If It Means Sooner (Grinnell College)
Forget Hitler: Trump is the new William Jennings Bryan (College of the Holy Cross)
Bernie Could Still Win (College of the Holy Cross)
Bernie the Rule-Breaker (Grinnell College)
Kaine is the Key to Victory (College of the Holy Cross)
Don’t Underestimate Kaine (Florida Atlantic University)
The Democrats Seize the Moment (Grinnell College)
Democrats Take the Lead (College of the Holy Cross)
Hillary Negated Some Negativity (Drake University)
Trump Has Less Time Than He Thinks (College of the Holy Cross)
Keep Johnson Out (College of the Holy Cross)
Don’t Bend the Rules for Johnson (Grinnell College)
No Spoilers (Mount St. Mary’s University)
Clinton’s Fictional Trust Issue (Drake University)
The Libertarian Collapse (College of the Holy Cross)
Unified Government: A Win for All (Drake University)
Loyal Opposition, Not Division (Grinnell College)
Maintain the Status Quo (College of the Holy Cross)
Prepare for Financial Aid Award Letter Changes for 2017 (College of the Holy Cross)
An Incoherent Policy and Ineffectual Law (College of the Holy Cross)
How the Democrats Rebuild (Grinnell College)
The ‘Anti-Trump’ Goes to Mali (Grinnell College)
What MBA Applicants Should Know About Test Waivers (Drake University)
Why Diabetes Is More Common in Rural Areas (Drake University)
What a Tax Overhaul Could Mean for You (Farmer School of Business)
How California’s Wildfires Will Affect Napa Valley Wines (Farmer School of Business)
The End of Net Neutrality: What It Means for Your Internet, Cable and Phone Bill (Grinnell College)
5 Tough Money Talks to Have With Your Aging Parents (Scripps College)
Men, Your Testosterone Might Be Making You Spend More (Farmer School of Business)
Protecting Your Heart From Negative Emotions (Oxford College of Emory University)
How Soaring Deficits Affect Rates, Growth, Stocks and More (Scripps College)
An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Financial Aid for College (Grinnell College)

Washington Post
The royal baby: A bouncing bundle of international obsession (Drake University)
Home for the holidays: Parents and students live together once again (Drake University)
How helicopter parents are ruining college students (The Adler School, Drake University, Frostburg State University)
Are colleges gaming their applicants? (Drake University)
A ‘scarlet letter’ for students implicated in sex assaults: D.C. bill sparks debate (NASPA)
Enough IS enough: Colleges don’t need more sex-assault legislation (NASPA)
College students should master cash before getting a MasterCard (Higher One)
Clinton’s college plan wouldn’t expand opportunity, it would limit it (Augustana College)
Colleges are going online to crowdsource donations, and they’re raising millions (College of the Holy Cross)
Tabloids just give you want you want. So why do you want Jennifer Aniston to be pregnant? (Drake University)
A feminist scholar takes on “Bad Moms” and finds they’re actually perfect (Drake University)
New rankings: Nevermind the Ivies. Check out Howard Community College (Washington Monthly)
What college admissions officers say they want in a candidate (Drake University)
Tips from a college president for a healthy relationship with your college student (Wells College)
Don’t make this serious mistake when deciding where to send your kids to college (Washington Monthly)
U.S. News college rankings: Princeton, Williams and UC-Berkeley at the top, again (Washington Monthly)
 U.S. high school graduation rate is up — but there’s a warning label attached (APM Reports)
I’m gay and African American. As a dad, I still have it easier than working moms. (Grinnell College)
Why this small college in Iowa is going global (Grinnell College)
College president: Schools can’t be blue islands in red states (Grinnell College)
She foresaw disaster when her young son threw a computer at his teacher. How she helped him and other mentally ill kids. (Grinnell College)
Pope Francis suggests an openness to ordaining married men as priests (College of the Holy Cross)
 Here are some new top 20 schools: Virginia Tech and Montgomery College. (Washington Monthly)
Georgia faces Auburn rematch looking to avenge 23-point loss (Grinnell College)
More Americans have a positive view of Muslims today than two years ago. So why are anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise? (Grinnell College)
To regain support for colleges, trustees need to step up (Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges)
Why politicians are so eager to claim the outsider mantle (Grinnell College)
Will gun violence lead to a growing ‘dark tourism’ industry? (Grinnell College)

Christian Science Monitor
Obama to rank colleges. So can you, with no wait. Here’s where to look. (College Factual)
Cutting college costs: five questions about Obama’s proposal (College Factual)
What do adult students want from college? (Washington Monthly)
Has Pope Francis softened the Catholic stance on abortion? (College of the Holy Cross)
Could a different kind of transcript revitalize high-school learning? (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

Texans run defense for ‘Friday Night Tykes’ youth football culture (The Adler School)
Women miners shouldn’t be seen as victims (Grinnell College)

Is Your College Going Broke? The Most And Least Financially Fit Schools In America (Drake University)
A New Graduate’s Guide to a Better Financial Life (Higher One)
What Gender Barriers Do Millennial Women Face in the Workplace? (Farmer School of Business)
Why One University Requires All Freshmen To Take A Coding Course (Farmer School of Business)

Parents, beware of bullying on sites you’ve never seen (Florida Atlantic University)
Does death penalty bring closure? (Drake University)
What you need to know about ticks (Drake University)
Tick-borne disease suspected in 2-year-old’s death (Drake University)

Here & Now
60 Years after Brown V. Board of Education, a Look at Desegregation (Georgia Regents University)
Scientists Try to Bring Back the Original New Mexico Chile (New Mexico State University)

All Things Considered
Colleges Brainstorm Ways to Cut Back on Binge Drinking (Frostburg State University, NASPA)

How to Talk to Your Kids about Death (The Adler School)
How Addiction Works, and What You Can Do About It (The Adler School)

Deseret News
Parents who ‘snowplow’ deprive kids of learning to clear their own paths (The Adler School)
Parenting on the edge of a blade: How much freedom, how much control? (The Adler School)
In faith-based communities, college completion may be uniquely emphasized (Talent Dividend)
The rise of meditation on college campuses (Maharishi University of Management, Saint Mary’s College of California)
Solutions to the millennial job search (Farmer School of Business)
Happier students tend to have higher GPAs (Wheelock College)
Sneaking learning into playtime prevents dreaded “summer slide” (Drake University)

The Daily Parent
The Cold Truth About Snowplow Parenting (The Adler School)

Roll Call
College Scorecard: the Next (Higher One)

Main Street
Study: College First-Years Are Ripe For Debt Struggles (Higher One)
Deciphering Those Confusing Financial Aid Letters (Drake University)

The Huffington Post
Commencement Speakers Have Two Words of Advice for the Class of 2014: “Choose Love” (Maharishi University of Management)
An Important Talk About Life, Death and the Responsibility of Friendship (Frostburg State University)
And the Financial Aid Award Goes To… (Higher One)
A Purchased World of Distractions (Frostburg State University)
An Important Talk About Life, Death and the Responsibility of Friendship (Frostburg State University)
Public Higher Education–The Great Equalizer (California State University San Marcos)
Higher Education Can Make a Deeper Difference: Supporting the College Dream for All Students (California State University San Marcos)
A Call for Mentorship and Meaningful Relationships (Wells College)
Honoring Traditions Builds Necessary Bonds (Wells College)
On Student Activism (Scripps College)
Advice for Incoming Students: Take Care of All of You (Wells College)
The Sins of Donald Trump (College of the Holy Cross)

Mom Talk Radio
Raising Creative Children (The Adler School)
Don’t Forget Siblings’ Feelings When Older Child Leaves for College (The Adler School)
Wow! A TV Depiction Finally Looks Like My Adoptive Family (Grinnell College)

Al Jazeera America
Why Hobby Lobby could open a Pandora’s box of legal discrimination (Drake University)

Brazen Careerist
5 Ways MBA Programs are Adapting to the Ever-Changing Business World (Farmer School of Business)

Rich People, Check This Out (University of Redlands)
4 things that won’t necessarily protect you from Ebola…and 3 things that will (California State University San Marcos)

The Fiscal Times
One Important Gift You Forgot to Give Your Kids (Higher One)

What are performance reviews really about? Enough about you, let’s talk about me (Drake University)
This is Where John Kasich Went Wrong in His Presidential Run (College of the Holy Cross)
What the Latest Management Shakeup Means for the Future of VW (Farmer School of Business)
Dear Trump Haters, a Brokered Convention Won’t Happen (College of the Holy Cross)
Why John Kasich Should Stay in the Presidential Race (College of the Holy Cross)
What Companies Can Learn from Mitsubishi’s Fuel Efficiency Scandal (Farmer School of Business)
How America Could Avoid a Trump Presidency (College of the Holy Cross)
What New Hiring Methods Say About Wall Street’s Diversity Problems (Farmer School of Business)
Why the Senate Should Vote on Merrick Garland’s Nomination Now (Drake University)
Comey Was Right Not to Indict Hillary Clinton, and Trump Needs to Stop Tweeting About it (College of the Holy Cross)
It’s Way Too Early for the Bank of England to Cut Interest Rates (College of the Holy Cross)
Mike Pence is Better than Newt Gingrich, but Won’t Win Trump the Presidency (College of the Holy Cross)
Why Republicans Should Actually Vote for Hillary Clinton (College of the Holy Cross)
Why Hillary Clinton Chose Tim Kaine Over Elizabeth Warren (College of the Holy Cross)
Why Some Catholics Love Donald Trump (College of the Holy Cross)
Why Sanders’ Plan to Push Clinton to the Left Won’t Stick (College of the Holy Cross)
What VW’s Bonuses Say About How Bogus Businesses Measure Success (Farmer School of Business)
What Donald Trump Can Teach the Democratic Party About Superdelegates (College of the Holy Cross)
Here’s what Evan McMullin would have to do to win the U.S. Presidency–and it might actually work (College of the Holy Cross)
The Problem with Calling Hillary Clinton ‘Corrupt’ (College of the Holy Cross)
What Trump’s Candidacy Says About Voters’ Expectations of U.S. Leaders (College of the Holy Cross)
Hillary Clinton Will Be an Attack Dog at the First Presidential Debate (College of the Holy Cross)
Hillary Clinton Won the Debate, But Here’s Why it Doesn’t Matter (Drake University)
After a Rocky Start, Here’s What Trump Needs to do to Win Over Voters (Grinnell College)
The Topic Trump and Clinton Don’t Talk About Could Come Up During the VP Debate (College of the Holy Cross)
What Most Moderators Do Wrong During Presidential Debates (College of the Holy Cross)
What Hillary Clinton’s Lincoln Defense Got Wrong at the Debate (College of the Holy Cross)
The Biggest Difference Between Trump and Buffett on Taxes (Drake University)
Donald Trump’s Tax Maneuvers Come Down To America’s Morals (Drake University)
How the Support of Catholics Helped Donald Trump’s Victory (College of the Holy Cross)
Populism Is Congress’s Next Big Threat (College of the Holy Cross)
Only Lobbyists Can Help Trump ‘Drain the Swamp’ (College of the Holy Cross)
A Reformed Obamacare Must Be Renamed Trumpcare (College of the Holy Cross)
Dear Meryl Streep: Picking on Trump Voters Won’t Fix Anything (College of the Holy Cross)
Trump’s Inaugural Address Should Lower America’s Expectations (College of the Holy Cross)
How the Trump-Russia Election Controversy Only Makes Putin Stronger (College of the Holy Cross)
Can Ivanka Trump Change the President’s Policies on Immigration? (Grinnell College)
The U.S. Isn’t the Superpower Trump Thinks it Is (Drake University)
Trump’s Address to Congress Could Force Democrats to Start Compromising (College of the Holy Cross)
Donald Trump’s Definition of Democracy Is Dangerous (College of the Holy Cross)
Trump Is the Last Person Who Should Be Making White House Logs Private (College of the Holy Cross)
The Real Reason Investors Can’t Get Enough of Tesla (Farmer School of Business)
It’s Time the FCC Step in Before There’s Another Facebook Murder Video (Drake University)
An Apple Watch for Diabetics Won’t Hit the Market Anytime Soon (Drake University)
What Trump Still Doesn’t Get After 100 Days in Office (Grinnell College)
Hiring 3,000 More Workers Won’t Fix Facebook’s Violent Video Crisis (Drake University)
Dear Donald Trump: Political Incompetence Is an Impeachable Offense (College of the Holy Cross)
Trump’s Mistakes Don’t Mean He Shouldn’t Have Fired Comey (College of the Holy Cross)
Free Your Mind Summer Reading List (College of the Holy Cross)
Why Bernie Sanders Isn’t Actually a Socialist (College of the Holy Cross)
Jeff Sessions’ Eventual Demise Should Be a Lesson to Donald Trump (College of the Holy Cross)
Why Trump’s Management Style Doesn’t Work (Grinnell College)
The Roots of Trump’s Hypocrisy (College of the Holy Cross)
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Georgetown sold her ancestors to pay a debt. Now they’re paying part of their debt to her. (APM Reports)

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Colleges, close the skills gap by opening doors to adult learners (Washington Monthly)

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The 7 Healthiest College Dining Halls in the Country (College of the Holy Cross)

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How Queers and Latinos Helped Make Miami an Art Capital (Grinnell College)
Look Out, New York: Miami Snatched Your Wig (Grinnell College)

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Akron Beacon Journal
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Albany Times Union
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Make those college years count (Wells College)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mix of Georgia schools among Washington Monthly’s best colleges (Washington Monthly)
Two Georgia colleges get high marks for serving others (Washington Monthly)

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Drake $65M expansion plan moving forward (Drake University)

Baltimore Sun
What campuses can do to fight high-risk drinking (Frostburg State University)
Reducing student debt requires a national commitment (Frostburg State University)
Mount St. Mary’s University names Timothy Trainor as 26th president (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Boston Globe
Transgender student takes national stage (Wheelock College)
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Nevada orders fantasy sports sites to shut down (Drake University)
Lesley taps international expert on negotiation as new president (Lesley University)
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ESPN flashes back to the inimitable Gordie Lockbaum (College of the Holy Cross)
Eat, pray, study: Holy Cross students learn the language of serenity (College of the Holy Cross)
Rev. Anthony J. Kuzniewski, 71, Holy Cross historian and chaplain to sports teams (College of the Holy Cross)
Sprucing Up Worcester (College of the Holy Cross)
What if your high school transcript didn’t include grades? (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

Boston Herald
Homelessness is a crisis in schools (Wheelock College)
Despite immigration fears, record hikes for colleges (College of the Holy Cross)

Boston Parents Paper
Learning to be a parent…AGAIN? (College of the Holy Cross)

Boulder DailyCamera
No immigrants, no food (University of Sheffield)

Buffalo News
Another Voice: Ratings system launches new era for universities (Higher One)
Another Voice: Choice of college must go beyond facts and figures (Ithaca College)

Business Record
Drake board approves new STEM degrees, $65 million in construction (Drake University)
Grinnell study: Copper alloy could reduce hospital infections (Grinnell College)

Calgary News
Are you a thrill seeker? (Oxford College at Emory University)

CBS Philly
La Salle University Reduces Tuition By 29 Percent (La Salle University)

CBS Boston
2-Time Heisman Trophy Finalist Gordie Lockbaum Featured In New ESPN Documentary 1 (College of the Holy Cross)
2-Time Heisman Trophy Finalist Gordie Lockbaum Featured In New ESPN Documentary 2 (College of the Holy Cross)
Eye On Education: Students ‘Working For Worcester’ To Improve Community (College of the Holy Cross)

Central Penn Business Journal
In changing market, private schools cut, freeze tuition (Mercersburg Academy)

Chicago Tribune
Holding the (car) key to daughter’s college search (Drake University)
Washington Monthly: Oakton No. 1 in Illinois, 17th in U.S. for adult learners (Washington Monthly)

Cincinnati Business Insider
Here’s why Miami U. added a unique requirement for its business students (Farmer School of Business)
Hawken School leads effort to develop non-grade high school transcript (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

Commercial Appeal
Rhodes College names Hass new president (Rhodes College)
A good choice to lead Rhodes College (Rhodes College)

Crain’s Cleveland Business
They’re not sticking to the script (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

Daily Progress
UVa center’s report urges innovative measures to improve higher education (Lumina Foundation)

Dallas Morning News
Community grieves for slain Wylie teen and wonders, ‘How could this happen?’ (The Adler School)

Danbury News Times
College students need better money sense (Higher One)

Democrat & Chronicle
SUNY Geneseo tops lists of best master’s programs (Washington Monthly)

Des Moines Register
A true accounting of my day (Drake University)
Living on campus is worth moving day (Drake University)
Drake plans $65 million STEM development, new degrees (Drake University)
Drake selects Gonzaga VP Marty Martin as new president (Drake University)
White House honors Iowa student for work with Latinos (Grinnell College)
Ernst expands profile in convention speech (Grinnell College)
Copper alloy surfaces reduce bacteria (Grinnell College)
Defunding Planned Parenthood does not accomplish pro-life goals (Drake University)
Community mental health services are less expensive than incarceration (Grinnell College)
Sen. Flake made the best of a losing hand (Grinnell College)
Iowa trustees must be champions for higher education (Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges)

Deseret News
US schools should follow Utah’s lead in teaching financial literacy in the classroom (Higher One)

Frederick News-Post
Interim Mount St. Mary’s president stresses relationships, collaboration in change (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Georgia Public Broadcasting (AM Ed)
Brown Vs. Board of Education Ruling Changed School for Rural Whites as well as African Americans (Georgia Regents University)

Herald-Mail Media
Mercersburg Academy makes changes to tuition rates (Mercersburg Academy)

Highlands Community News
Hunsakers honored for historic generosity (University of Redlands)

Indianapolis Star
See how your Indiana college did in Washington Monthly’s ratings (Washington Monthly)

Inside Indiana Business
Hoosier Schools Among Best in Nation (Washington Monthly)

Iowa Public Radio (River to River)
World Cup of (of Cyclocross) Comes to Iowa (Grinnell College)

Kansas City Star
Now Iowa Gets Its Say (Grinnell College)

Check Out This 2017 Best Colleges List That Has a Few Surprises (Washington Monthly)

KJZZ 91.5
What Is A High Sensation-Seeking Personality? (Oxford College of Emory University)

Iowa college research finds copper alloy could reduce healthcare infections (Grinnell College)

Local DVM
Private academy goes against national trend for tuition (Mercersburg Academy)

Louisville Business Journal
Louisville’s 55,000 Degrees attracts national recognition (Talent Dividend)

Holy Cross Dining Wins Gold for College’s Largest Fundraising Gala (College of the Holy Cross)

Memphis Business Journal
Rhodes College names first female president (Rhodes College)
Presidential hire caps intense executive search for Rhodes College (Rhodes College)

Memphis Daily News
Rhodes College Names First Female President (Rhodes College)

Memphis Magazine
Dr. Marjorie Hass selected as the 20th president of Rhodes College (Rhodes College)

Mercury News
Private schools seek to dump A-to-F grading (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Cramer: Educating students for responsible citizenship (ALL IN)

The Nashville Ledger
Colleges embrace new educational model (Lumina Foundation)

NBC Boston
College Students ‘Working 4 Worcester’ (College of the Holy Cross)

OC Register
University of Redlands’ million-dollar mystery givers are Corona del Mar couple (University of Redlands)

The Oregonian
Portland comes in second in national college contest with $1 million prize, gets $10,000 instead (Talent Dividend)
Innovative ReTHINK PSU Project recognized as national model for transforming higher ed (Association of Public and Land-grant Universities)

The Orlando Sentinel
The advent of activism: Rollins College fosters, celebrates it (Rollins College)

Philadelphia Business Journal
La Salle slashes tuition by 27 percent (La Salle University)

Philadelphia Magazine
La Salle University Slashing $11,600 Off Tuition (La Salle University)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
A 29 percent tuition cut caps renaissance at La Salle (La Salle University)

The Philadelphia Tribune
Colleges coordinating recruitment, retention efforts (Association of Public and Land-grant Universities)

La Salle University cutting student tuition by 29 percent (La Salle University)

Press Enterprise
Couple to offer $35 million in scholarships (University of Redlands)

Radio Iowa
Grinnell College research finds copper helps reduce bacteria in hospitals (Grinnell College)

Redlands Daily Facts
Couple donate $35 million to University of Redlands (University of Redlands)

The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Colleges cut tuition to boost enrollment, transparency (La Salle University)

Seattle Times
Four companies band together to help employees get GEDs for free (GED Testing)

Union-Tribune San Diego
CSU San Marcos Shows College, Military are Compatible (California State University San Marcos)
Trailblazing Beyond Gender for a Stronger California (California State University San Marcos)
Popularity of NCAA brackets a win for America (California State University San Marcos)

WABE Radio
 Private School Consortium Looks To Change High School Transcripts (Mastery Transcript Consortium)

The Washington Times
Colleges cut tuition to boost enrollment, transparency (La Salle University)

Teach Locally, Think Globally: What’s Missing From the Common Core (Wheelock College)

Grinnell Study Shows Copper is Cleaner in Hospitals (Grinnell College)

Windy City Times
Adler president reveals HIV status (Adler University)

Worcester Magazine
At Nativity School, charity starts with students (The Nativity School of Worcester)

Worcester Channel 3 News Tonight
Nativity School Fundraiser (The Nativity School of Worcester)
Tackling 26.2 Together (College of the Holy Cross)

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Worcester students learn philanthropy, aid local nonprofits (The Nativity School of Worcester)
Building playgrounds and pride: 5 years of Working for Worcester (College of the Holy Cross)
Transgender history archive at Holy Cross gets funding to expand (College of the Holy Cross)
Clive McFarlane: Peterson upheld commitment to community at Holy Cross (College of the Holy Cross)
Vertical dance company BANDALOOP to perform on side of City Hall, Holy Cross (College of the Holy Cross)

WHBQ Fox Memphis
20th President of Rhodes (Rhodes College)

WREG Channel 3
Rhodes College hires first female President (Rhodes College)

WTVM Channel 9
Hass named first female president of Rhodes College (Rhodes College)

WVPI Channel 6
La Salle University slashing tuition (La Salle University)