I’m continually amazed by the media placements the TVP Comms team earns and the genuine way we partner with our campus clients. And I’m always on the lookout for the next person to add to our great team.

As it turns out, I’ve known our newest colleague for years and been impressed with her work since our first meeting. I am pleased to introduce Cristal Steuer as TVP Comm’s new senior strategist.

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Cristal worked for the College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA) for nine years and has an impressive array of national and regional hits under her belt. Last year alone, she led the placement of 3,500 media stories, which is an average of nearly ten per day!

Those numbers exemplified what I was looking for (and is reflective of our team): Cristal can identify a good story, is tenacious and puts in the work necessary to generate strong media successes.

In following the TVP Communications tradition, below are a couple of tidbits about the newest member of our squad:

What three words to describe you?

Compassionate. Hard-working. Trustworthy.

Favorite media placement you’ve scored?

How do I pick just one? As my colleagues can attest, I get excited about every media placement!

That being said, the Wall Street Journal’s “Donor of the Day” column featuring John and Joanne Luth, is at the top of the list. John Luth, a Holy Cross alumnus, and his wife, gave Holy Cross the largest gift in College history. In addition to the gift, the piece focused on the couples’ love story. I had been waiting for eight years to pitch that column!

A close second is the media coverage of the Digital Transgender Archive, a groundbreaking project, which was started by a Holy Cross professor and his research students.

Which superhero you would be if you could only be one?

Superwoman. As a working mother of two–I’d be able to do it all.

What is your spirit animal?

According to the quiz I just took online, I’m the tiger. Grrrr…

What is your favorite thing about working in higher education?

Digging deep into corners of campuses to find inspiring stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told. When I first started working at Holy Cross, I was amazed with all of the wonderful things faculty, administrators and students were doing–just to do it. No one was seeking publicity for his or her efforts.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate. Chocolate. And more chocolate.

What is your best memory from college?

My roommates. I lived with my best friend from high school (all four years!) and everyone told us not to do it if we wanted to remain friends. We are still best friends today. Oh, and any class with professor Sut Jhally.

What do you most want people to know about you personally and professionally?

I’m easy-going and a good listener, but I won’t rest until my goals are accomplished.

Please join me in welcoming Cristal, and be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.