It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for songbird sightings in my backyard. We put up a new kind of suet feeder, gave our birdbath a good scrub down, and replenished our seed feeders, and basically I’ve become like a bird whisperer. The cat, the baby, and I like to stand by the window and watch all of the birds flit around the feeders. In addition to common standbys like nuthatches, chickadees, wrens, sparrows, jays, and cardinals, we’ve got finches, tufted titmice, mocking birds, thrashers, towhees, and catbirds. Our beloved bluebirds are back, we got our very first warbler, and we have THREE different kinds of woodpeckers—red-bellied, downy, and northern flicker. I’m pretty excited about it, especially when all three come to visit at the same time. And we also have a few predatory birds flapping around…luckily, I’ve yet to witness a feeder snuff.


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What’s new this week:

Drake University professors Shontavia Johnson and Jennifer Harvey teamed up to offer concrete advice for teaching in the wake of the presidential election in an essay for Inside Higher Ed.

NASPA and Culture of Respect released a report detailing results from the CORE Blueprint pilot program, which was found to be an effective model to help colleges and universities address their response to sexual violence on campus.

College of the Holy Cross professor Mathew Schmalz weighed in on what changes when Pope Francis grants all priests the authority to forgive abortions for The Conversation. His piece also ran in Salon and Religious News Service.

Boston CBS featured a segment on the latest ESPN 30 for 30 Shorts documentary, “The Throwback,” which highlights Holy Cross alum and two-time Heisman Trophy finalist Gordie Lockbaum.

Renee Cramer of Drake University shared feedback from her student evaluations in a round up for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Rick Staisloff and Donna Desrochers of rpkGROUP shared findings from their study on the business models of competency-based education programs in a co-written piece for the Hechinger Report.

What we’ve been talking about:

Teresa’s advice on how college presidents should address the campus post-election, which originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed, also made an appearance in Slate.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blog, Kristine examined the real dangers of fake news.

Ali shared her perspective on finding the right voice as an editor and as a writer when that voice belongs to someone else.

What’s next on our calendars:

On January 7, Teresa will be conducting media training for the ACE Fellows mid-year retreat in San Diego.

Teresa will co-chair CASE’s Annual Conference for Media Relations Professionals, which will be held January 11-13 in New York City.

What we’ve been reading:

Ali Lincoln
I was doing some research on Fast Company this week and came across an interesting series of articles in the Secrets of the Most Productive People section. Each offered a glimpse at how employees of a social media platform used the platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Slack. My favorite tip was actually using emojis in Slack for work-related purposes instead of just fun responses (like a green check when something has been completed).

Erin Hennessy
Yesterday, American astronaut and former U.S. senator John Glenn passed away at the age of 95. I read a lot about Sen. Glenn and his remarkable career, but this story about his wife and her battle against a disability was the most surprising one I encountered yesterday. Annie Glenn lived for years with a significant stutter, one that made it impossible for her to hail a taxi, go shopping, or call 911 when one of her children was injured. But in her mid-50s, she was able to conquer her stutter and used that experience to engage with and advocate for others facing similar challenges. My condolences to Mrs. Glenn on her loss, and my sincere thanks for the work of her life.

Teresa Valerio Parrot
If memories are tied to emotions, then it makes sense that many of my freshman memories are associated with CU football games. The days were filled with friendship, views of the Flatirons and some fantastic football. I, along with my best college friends and 50,000 other Buffs, gleefully cheered on the man who would become the Heisman trophy winner. That amazing player was Rashaan Salaam and he was bigger than life. Yet, our campus icon always had a smile to share and a kind word to say as he walked across CU as our big man on campus. What we didn’t know then, or in the subsequent 25 years, is that he suffered from depression. And this week that depression grew to be unbearable for him. What I’ve read this week are tributes to his life, career and legacy. And I’ve, unfortunately, read the biography pages shift verb tenses from present to past when describing his life. RIP Rashaan. You will always hold an important place in my memories and heart.

Kristine Maloney
I can’t stop thinking about NPR reporter Asma Khalid’s piece on what it was like to cover the election as a Muslim. The assignment was the opportunity of a lifetime for her—for any journalist—but for a headscarf-wearing woman, the professional opportunity came with very real personal consequences. I can’t pretend to put myself in her shoes, but I’m not sure I would have been able to persevere in the ways that she did, given what she faced on the campaign trail. She has my absolute respect and admiration.

Cristal Steuer
I am so excited! After years of having my sister take me to the Eataly in Manhattan (almost every time I would visit her Brooklyn apartment), the restaurant/store/food playground is officially open in Boston. In the New York location, we would sit on the rooftop deck and eat plates full of Italian delicacies and drink wine that comes out of a barrel. You can spend the whole day just walking around the store. Even if you weren’t born and raised Italian (like yours truly) it is totally worth a visit to sample the different stations (pizza, cheese, gelato), bring home the fresh pasta (it will be hard to pick just one), or pick up the fresh seafood, which is special to this Boston location.

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