Hannah Ramsey-Standage Headshot

Hannah Ramsey-Standage

Project Coordinator

Hannah discovered a passion for higher education early in life. When she first learned what college was at age eight, she couldn’t imagine a more incredible place to be. Since attending and graduating from Missouri University of Science and Technology, this love has only grown. 

After completing her degree in English, Hannah continued to be involved in higher education, first through a K-12 institution offered online through the University of Missouri School of Education. As a project developer, she was responsible for communicating the instructor’s vision while considering the usability for the students. This role only furthered her passion for education at every level and her desire to help support the next generation of thinkers.

Before joining TVP Communications in July 2022, Hannah returned to her alma mater to serve as a project coordinator in the Office of Career Opportunities and Employer Relations. It was exhilarating to be back on a campus that had brought her so much joy, opportunity, and growth. This role offered the opportunity to support other S&T alumni as they looked to their next step post graduation. She furthered her strengths in communications, professional development education, and social media management in her hometown.

With TVP Comms, Hannah handles communication channels, scheduling, and a host of projects in collaboration with the rest of the team. She is excited to spend the next part of her career experiencing higher education from a new perspective.

When not focusing on finding the perfect sentence structure or social media post, Hannah loves spending time with her family, husband, daughter, and friends. She is an avid baseball fan, loves reading, and long talks with her favorite people.