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Founded on a desire to have the luxury of falling in love with our clients, TVP Communications brings unrivaled industry expertise and individualized attention to its work with client partners across the higher education landscape.

Whether it’s connecting with new audiences, managing a crisis situation, building thought leadership awareness or communicating what makes your institution or organization unique, the ways in which your audiences are seeking information are constantly changing.

With all of the conflicting messages the general public hears each day, it can be challenging to break through the noise—particularly when dealing with public perceptions of education-related issues.

That’s where we come in. Together we’ll work to identify distinctive narratives and connect with your audiences through traditional and new methods to help you truly stand out from your peers.

Our Services

Media Relations

As your media outreach partner, we will track current themes in higher education and identify opportunities to provide insight and advance your message, seeking to place expert citations and feature stories around your specific areas of expertise. We are also available as needed to provide your internal team with counsel on media outreach, talking point or press release development and briefings for major announcements, achievements, events and milestones.


Who We Are

Our greatest asset is our people. Every member of our team brings experience in some facet of higher education, including enrollment, media and communications, access and success, and senior administration.

We’re unapologetic data and policy wonks who prize honesty and transparency above all else. We bring a passion for our industry because we’ve each benefitted from the difference higher education makes in the lives of its students. And because we believe the work is better when you have a good time doing it, we bring a sense of fun to all of our client partnerships.

Teresa Valerio Parrot Headshot

Teresa Valerio Parrot

Principal “It is a privilege and an honor to tell our campus partners’ stories. I take this responsibility seriously because I know firsthand the opportunities higher education provides. I spend my days introducing its potential to new students and families who have their own love stories with higher education ahead of them.” Read More
Erin A. Hennessy Headshot

Erin A. Hennessy

Executive Vice President “I was fortunate enough to know from an early age that a college education was definitely part of my future and thanks to some wonderful mentors, I very quickly figured out that the life-changing nature of higher education was going to be the focus of my career.” Read More
Kristine Maloney Headshot

Kristine Maloney

Vice President “There are many reasons why I love what I do, and most can be traced to my deep respect for both the power of higher education and the importance of journalism in a democratic society. At a time when both industries are vulnerable, I take pride in defending the benefits they offer, while holding both to high standards of accountability. ” Read More
Cristal Steuer Headshot

Cristal Steuer

Executive Director of Strategy and Placement “Working in a newsroom was such a valuable experience; now that I’m on the other side, I have the knowledge of what types of stories and resources journalist need to do their jobs.” Read More
Ali Lincoln Headshot

Ali Lincoln

Director of Thought Leadership “Even with all its challenges and issues, higher education gives me a sense of perpetual optimism and hope for a brighter future because at its core, it’s all about learning, self-discovery, and opportunity. I love being a part of that narrative.” Read More
Kylie Kinnaman Headshot

Kylie Kinnaman

Engagement Strategist “I just love interacting with campus faculty and leaders about what they are doing at their schools. Colleges and universities provide no shortage of fascinating—and utterly important—stories to tell. I’m honored to tell them.” Read More
DJ Hauschild Headshot

DJ Hauschild

Content Strategist “My heart and background live in student affairs. Higher education provides students the opportunity for a holistic growth experience that goes beyond strictly academics. I love being able to share those student success stories, and support campus professionals in being the version of themselves that help write them.” Read More
Hannah Ramsey-Standage Headshot

Hannah Ramsey-Standage

Project Coordinator “The higher education environment is always where I have felt most at home. I want every student who sets foot on a college campus to feel that same sense of belonging regardless of background. I believe student experience and brand communications can work in tandem to help accomplish this.” Read More


We take enormous pride in the vote of confidence our client partners give us when they let us help them tell their stories.

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