Kristine Maloney Headshot

Kristine Maloney

Vice President

When Kristine first stepped foot on campus as a freshman at Stonehill College, she didn’t anticipate longer than a four-year stint in higher education. But, two decades later, she still hasn’t left academia and can’t imagine things any other way.

An English major in college and avid reader of news and novels, Kristine is driven by great stories and thrives on opportunities to share them with wider audiences. At TVP Communications, her talent for recognizing news that will resonate with off-campus audiences and her tactical approach to working with journalists has led to hundreds of unique story placements for the agency’s partner colleges and universities.

Kristine has forged strong relationships with members of the national print and broadcast media on a wide range of beats. Her work with college administrators and faculty has helped to establish them as leaders among their peers and in the media. And her passion for sharing student perspectives and stories has contributed to measurable enhancement of their institutions’ national profiles.

In her role at TVP Communications, Kristine also serves as a co-editor and contributor for the Inside Higher Ed blog, Call to Action, which explores the marketing and communications for higher education and the collegiate experience through a variety of industry voices.

Prior to joining TVP Comms, Kristine built and managed a comprehensive media and public relations program at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. She also served for a time as the associate web editor at Holy Cross, where she was responsible for strategic content planning, branding and message development.

Kristine earned her master’s degree in professional communications from Clark University in Worcester, Mass., where she grew up and currently lives with her husband and two children.

For Kristine, few things beat the satisfaction of a great media hit, but time with family and friends, beach days, early mornings (preferably ones with beautiful sunrises), being outdoors and good chocolate are among them.