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The TVP Communications Team’s Favorite Stories of 2020

important stories from campus clients 2020

The holidays are upon us, and while this year has been drastically different than most, the TVP Communications team was still able to tell important stories from campus clients. From the pandemic to the election to racial unjust, our campuses had no shortage of stories and expertise to share with us and the media. Here are some of our favorites from 2020.  

Scripps CollegeLongwood University and Oxford College of Emory University all had Academic Minute takeovers this year, which featured faculty from their campuses every day for a week. The segments were syndicated on more than 200 NPR stations and also appeared on Inside Higher Ed. Faculty from the University of Alaska Anchorage were also featured on the Academic Minute.  

Former President of Grinnell College Raynard Kington wrote about the importance of support staff at hospitals during the pandemic for USA Today.

Lars Schmidt from Scripps College discovered a tiny dinosaur and the news was covered in the Washington PostUSA TodayCNNNational GeographicScientific American and The Conversation

Stacey Kostell, chief executive officer of the Coalition for College, wrote a piece for the Washington Post  offering advice to students apply to college during the pandemic. 

From a front row seat to the Iowa caucuses, Grinnell College’s Mark Montgomery and Irene Powell penned a piece for CNN about Democrats ignoring the needs of rural voters.      

In a piece for The Conversation, Oxford College of Emory University’s Don Beaudette shared what lessons Northern Ireland’s police transformation hold for the U.S.  

Melissa Thomasson at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University compared the educational effects of the 1916 polio epidemic in New York City to the current COVID-19 pandemic on NPR.

Karla Erickson at Grinnell College talked to Vox about how the pandemic changed Thanksgiving. 

In a piece for Salon, Fordham University’s John Davenport explained how an alliance of democracies can prevent future pandemics.  

Fordham University’s Nicholas Tampio argued that a high school AP course is not equivalent to a college course in a piece for Inside Higher Ed.  

For an NBC Think piece, Megan Gerhardt at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University wrote about the “Zoomers,” a name that captures the resiliency that this generation will need to bounce back from the impact of the pandemic.

Grinnell College’s Tony Perman wrote about living in Shanghai as it shut down at the very beginning of the pandemic in a column for USA Today

Lycoming College’s Sarah Silkey wrote for the Washington Post about the importance of Ida B. Wells winning a Pulitzer Prize and the long history of trying to delegitimize black women journalists.

Sarah Fankhauser of Oxford College of Emory University shared ideas on how to celebrate Halloween safely during the pandemic for National Geographic.

In a piece for the Washington Post, Scripps College President Lara Tiedens explained why she didn’t open campus this past fall.  

U.S. News & World Report feature explained why international students have been turning to the Duolingo English Test during the pandemic.  

Grinnell College’s Barbara Trish wrote a piece for The Conversation about what happens to campaign staffers after the Iowa caucuses.  

Douglas Hicks, dean and professor at Oxford College of Emory University, shared the importance of a purple Georgia in a piece for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  

Former Chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage Cathy Sandeen talked about what it’s like to live in a city full of moose on the Weather Channel.

With all the criticism surrounding season one of Emily in Paris, Amanda Lee of Grinnell College wrote an advice piece for Emily in season two for Salon

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to sharing many more stories in the new year.

Photo by Jorge Maya on Unsplash.