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Introducing the New TVP Comms!

TVP Comms logo

I love birthdays and anniversaries, but I especially love new starts. I am pleased to say today TVP Communications is celebrating all three!

Seven years ago, TVP Communications was launched and I chose to depict the agency visually with an image of gears, representing both the processes we set into motion for our clients and the behind-the-scenes work to build an agency that at that time only existed in my head. We were a work in progress and I wanted to be honest about who we were and what we could provide. Today, we launched our new visual identity and website. I asked Erin to lead the process so that I could think freely and she could manage the overall effort (she is phenomenal at keeping me focused and producing amazing work). I hope that you can see exactly how we view TVP Communications after seven years of partnering with campuses and education-related entities:

  • We are bold with a healthy mix of curves and edges.
  • We hope you see us a little bit as Wonder Women. Because we are.
  • There is something a little bit aviation-inspired in the logo, because we are road warriors and frequent fliers in the friendly skies.
  • The words and text are bold because we know words matter and should have heft.


And, the blue to purple color transition is intentional. We call it the blurple bleed. Some may think the colors look similar, but it’s the nuance that matters in the work we do. Finally, the launch of such a monumental update coincides with my birthday and the start of the AMA conference—both seem like the perfect opportunity for new starts. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our first seven years, and welcome to those who plan to be a part of our next lucky seven years of doing great work on behalf of higher education.