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Medicinal Training via CASE Media Relations Professionals Conference

The session description for my February 7th CASE presentation with Andrea Boyle of the University of Delaware has been posted.  We both are thrilled to be volunteers for the Annual Media Relations Professionals conference.  Here’s a preview of what we are discussing:
Media Training Clinic: Preventative Medicine for Media Ailments
We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wished we could “pause” our interaction, confer with our peers and then return to issue a diagnosis.  Wish no more! This session is your opportunity to learn emergency room approaches to media training administrators and faculty, and how to play to their strengths with the media.  After all, we all want positive prognoses so that we can confidently place stories that position our institutions well. We will be presenting time-tested practices and triaging your experiences.  Start your day with an interactive and informative session on what works.
And, should you want to drill down even more (or aren’t yet tired of me!), join the post conference spokesperson training session.  I promise the session will be fun and informative.