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Quick Hit: It’s Commencement Season!

It’s May and commencement season is upon us. The one thing I miss most about being on a college campus is getting ready for the seniors to graduate. I loved the craziness, the last-minute preparations, and the way the whole campus came together to make this significant event happen. From the pomp and circumstance to the speaker to the food, everything was planned to the last detail. The things most graduates remember from their ceremony are the commencement speaker and, quite frankly, the weather. The speaker at my UMass Amherst graduation (I will not share the year!) was not famous: it was our Chancellor John Lombardi and this is when Billy Bulger was still president. Also, it rained!

As you prepare for this commencement season, here is some great advice (for all ages) from some of the best speakers over the years.

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