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Quick Hit: Slacker Status

I know I’ve written several adoring posts about Slack already, but they keep making awesome updates, so I’m going to keep writing fan letters. Last week, the “What’s New” gift icon was lit up, which meant that my day was about to get more interesting.

Presenting, status updates! Despite initially reminding me of teenage AIM away messages filled with emotional ramblings and song lyrics, the status updates are quite helpful, actually. We have a dedicated channel for agency business, and I typically drop my status in there so everyone can see it without it getting lost in a string of Giphys. But it’s not quite the right thread for me to say, “daycare pick up, brb” or “working on some writing, text if you need me.” And of course, Slack’s on top of it. Now I’ve just got to be on top of finding that perfect way to say that I’m grabbing second breakfast…

Other Slack updates we’ve been digging lately: previewing Giphys, using conversation threads (especially during phone calls) and starring messages for an instant to-do list.