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Reflections on the Impact and Importance of our Work in 2023

Map of the United States titled "Where were we in 2023?" with pins representing the locations of TVP Comms staff in 2023.

As 2023 closes, I want to take a moment to recap the year and celebrate TVP Communications’ impact for our campus partners and our contributions across the higher education industry.

Colleagues are often surprised to learn our team only has eight members. Staff numbers alone don’t create impact—it’s about our dedication to our work and the results we produce together. Our mighty eight-person team, spread across seven states and three time zones, has shown unwavering commitment. Over the past year, we worked with approximately 35 clients, amplifying their good news and mitigating vulnerabilities. The purple pins on the graphic (above) represent our team members’ home base locations, while the yellow pins indicate our partners’ campus locations.   

Our team’s proactive approach in 2023 resulted in over 225 national and higher education trade media placements (non-duplicated, pitched placements), 109 expert citations, 40 features, 40 op-eds, and numerous other regional and local news hits. These numbers are a testament to our dedication and commitment to our clients. Cristal shared links to some of these placements earlier this week. They included outlets we always celebrate when we land a placement or citation and some target media sources we can now say we secured a clip with on behalf of our clients.

The 2023 hits extended to include our team, too. Across our staff, we were featured 28 times in the media, including, but not limited to, seven op-eds, seven expert citations, six Call to Action blog entries, and six podcast appearances. In January, Erin and I launched the Trusted Voices podcast, and I’m pleased to report we dropped 15 episodes in our inaugural year.

Our impact extended beyond our own citations to include presentations nationally because we are committed to building a strong pipeline of communications professionals and awareness of marcomm’s contributions to higher education. In 2023 alone, we shared our experiences and expertise through 21 in-person and online presentations. These keynote addresses, fireside chats, and concurrent session appearances were conducted at the request of 12 higher education, communications, and marketing nonprofit organizations and associations. Gray pins on the map represent the locations of these presentations.

I cannot express enough how proud I am of our team, work, and industry contributions. More than that, I am grateful for the dedication, the hard work, and the commitment of our team. As we head into the new year, I am excited to share our past year’s successes with all of you and I look forward to the successes ahead of us. May your work bring you the pride and satisfaction I feel each day that I lead TVP Communications.