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Spring Break: Wooooooo!

With Erin on her grown-up version of spring break, the rest of the TVP Communications team are a little jealous, so we decided to think back to our favorite spring break memories from college.

My favorite spring break was New Orleans, right around Mardi Gras—but it’s not what you think. After three years of visiting my grandparents and taking family trips, I decided to shake things up for my senior year and do the Holy Cross spring break immersion program. I spent a week working to help restore a home damaged by Hurricane Katrina, mostly caulking and painting siding (although one day I had to assist in the battle against a huge wasp nest). We woke up early every morning, spent a full day working at the site, and then crashed early from being sore and tired—and, surprisingly, it was so much fun. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone helped me make some great new friends, many of whom I’m still in touch with today. Plus, I did get to visit some jazz clubs, sample homemade gumbo, and, most importantly, enjoy a few (okay, more than a few) beignets!


My favorite spring break was an early spring break. When my best friends and I were seniors in college, we decided to take spring break a week early and visit one of our best friends who went to Tulane University, so we could experience a real Mardi Gras. (We were seniors, so it was now or never.) It was amazing—all the people, floats, food, and fun, and, of course, the time spent with my best friends!

My favorite college spring break trip was to San Francisco with my roommate and best friend. Life was just one big dance party, which was made that much better because it was the west coast equivalent of fleet week. Our exploits were very, very tame, but we closed down the nightclubs each night of our stay and were back on the tourist beat early in the morning. We had some cool adventures including personalized tours of Navy ships and a day at the Exploratorium. We weren’t yet 21, which means our efforts were focused on our dance moves (hey KC and the Sunshine Band, looking at you!) and our inside jokes.

My favorite college spring break was a trip to Europe to visit high school friends who were studying abroad. I flew with two college friends to Spain, but we parted ways at the airport and I took a side trip to Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo to see my best friend from childhood and explore the Riviera. From there I flew back to Spain, and stayed in hostels throughout Madrid with another friend, eating as many tapas as humanly possible. I came home with one souvenir—a huge poster of Picasso’s Guernica from our afternoon at El Reina Sofía.