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Sympathies to Umpqua Community College

I planned to post something smart to this blog today. I intended it to have some humor and I was going to link to an article here and there for emphasis.
But I scrapped those plans yesterday when I heard of the shooting at Umpqua Community College.
Instead of that post, or anything communications related, I want to express my sincere sympathies to those experiencing this tragedy and tell their family and friends that they are in my thoughts. May the thoughts and prayers of the greater higher education community—one of our industry’s true strengths— provide you and the Roseburg community with comfort and support.
I read tweets from some of the students on campus yesterday and the fear expressed in their words made me physically ill. I spend my days helping institutions talk about the opportunities a degree and an education represent and I truly believe higher education is a gateway to tremendous opportunity. It sickens me to think that any students pursuing their dreams, and the faculty and staff facilitating those dreams, can have their lives ended in mere moments.
Rest in peace, Umpqua’s dreamers.