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Thanks for the Memories

I’ve served as a media trainer at CASE conferences for a number of years, but last week I had a very specific honor bestowed upon me—I was able to join a select group of our peers for dinner and rowdy conversation.
Those of you in our field know that the faculty of the Development for Deans and Academic Leaders are an institution in and of themselves.  All four are industry leaders and great story tellers.
The team consists of Don Gray, retired vice president of the University of Wisconsin Foundation; Doug Stewart principal of Marts & Lundy; Penny Hunt, vice chancellor for development at the University of Illinois at Chicago; and Ed Kvet, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Loyola University New Orleans.
Now, I can’t tell you what was discussed** (I’m sworn to secrecy) and I can’t share the secret handshake (my invite for the next dinner would be rescinded), but I can tell you I had a tremendous time. It was nice to share a great meal with my new friends.
Be sure to sign up for the team’s next performance… I mean presentation February 27-29th in San Francisco.
** For full disclosure purposes I must note I played the clarinet in elementary and junior high school.