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Week in Review: August 16, 2019

What’s new this week:

University of Toledo Professor Jeff Broxmeyer explains in The Conversation that making money off of politics isn’t new; rather, it’s a practice that was standard during the Gilded Age. His essay also appeared in SF Gate, The Houston Chronicle, and The Chicago Tribune.

This Educative Dive piece on standardized testing and college admissions features insight from Annie Reznik, executive director for the Coalition for College.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blog, be sure to catch posts on creating a culture of ROI and why institutional branding demands presidential ownership.

What we’ve been talking about:

Teresa weighs in on the rules and ethics of faculty members writing op-eds suggested by nonprofits or outside organizations for Inside Higher Ed.

What’s next on our calendars:

Teresa will co-lead an Academic Impressions workshop on Developing Presidential Voice: Strategies and Best Practices on September 26-27 in New Orleans.

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