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Week in Review: August 9, 2019

What’s new this week:

This Forbes piece highlights the top five things for students and families to know about the Coalition for College before tackling applications.

This week, the Coalition for College hosted its annual Member Conference at Vanderbilt University. Member colleges and universities, as well as representatives from community-based organizations and college counselors joined together to discuss how the Coalition can continue to fulfill its mission of increasing access, affordability and student success. Following the conference, several members traveled to rural Tennessee to meet with local counselors to introduce them to the Coalition’s free college planning resources, and brainstorm together meeting the unique needs of rural students.

What’s next on our calendars:

Teresa will co-lead an Academic Impressions workshop on Developing Presidential Voice: Strategies and Best Practices on September 26-27 in New Orleans.

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Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash