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Week in Review: Chatterbox

Recently, my daughter’s vocabulary has exploded; it seems like she’s learning new words and little phrases every day. Granted, she’s still working on her pronunciation of things, like turtlelurtle (turtle), munka (marker), and pika (which somehow is facecloth?), but I’m enjoying the adorableness while I can. It’s been bittersweet for me, because although I’m proud of her for developing new language skills, I’m sad that she’s growing so quickly. But, another pro is that the uptick in words and phrases has helped to decrease communication frustrations for our household. There are still moments when I have absolutely zero idea what she’s saying and a meltdown ensues, but mostly, we’re doing pretty well understanding each other.

If the only thing you’re looking to understand is what’s going on in the world of higher ed, scroll down for more.

What’s new this week:

Be sure to listen to this Public Broadcasting Atlanta piece on the aims of the Mastery Transcript Consortium.

In a piece for Inside Higher Ed, Cathy Sandeen, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin Extension, took a look back at her predictions and lessons learned about MOOCs.

If you’re looking for something to read this summer, check out this Fortune round-up of recommendations from experts, including Dean Francisco Gago-Jover at College of the Holy Cross.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blog, it was all about collaboration; don’t miss posts on five ways marketing pros and academics should work together and how collaboration helps higher ed.

What we’ve been talking about:

Teresa is really excited about her new role as a “prospective parent” now that her daughter is officially starting to weigh her higher ed options.

Inspired by a piece on the admissions process for low-income students from The Chronicle of Higher Education earlier this week, Ali shared thoughts on the luxury of college choice and the disappointing reality of settling.


Making the most of a single day in Annapolis, @teresavalerioparrot visited two campuses and the Maryland State House on her morning walk.

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What’s next on our calendars:

Teresa will present a preconference media training at the CASE Annual Conference for Media Relations Professionals on Monday, September 18 in Philadelphia, PA.

Teresa will be co-leading the “Developing Presidential Voice: Toolkit for Marketing and Communications” webinar for Academic Impressions on September 22.

Teresa will be leading a crisis communications session and case study review for the Dean’s Section of the American Association of Law Schools in San Diego, CA on January 6, 2018.

What we’re recommending:

Ali Lincoln
Math anxiety dominated most of my school years—and I’m not sure where it came from. Both of my parents are excellent with numbers and math, and yet, I still stress out doing basic math without a calculator even now. I worked hard to up my math skills over the years, and once we could use a calculator in class, I actually enjoyed classes like geometry and calculus. And while figuring out a tip or sales discount no longer sends me into a panic, I do always second-guess the numbers. I want to make sure I’m not passing along my math anxiety to my daughter, and this NYT article (a few months old) was an enlightening read.

Kristine Maloney
It’s the first week of summer and while I’m a big fan of the heat and extra beach days, I know the hotter, drier summers we’ve been experiencing lately aren’t good news. This New York Times piece on the rise of extreme heat across the globe (95 degrees or higher) and it’s accompanying maps, illustrate just how hot our planet is getting, how the heat can impact our everyday lives (significantly lower crop yields, for example) and how much more quickly we’ll feel extreme effects if no action is taken. It’s a great reminder to do our part as individuals and also put pressure on Washington when necessary.

And while you are finding ways to stay cool in the summer heat, consider these “hot” beach reads recommended by Harper’s Bazaar.

Cristal Steuer
“Watch Tom Brady sumo wrestle in Japan. Yes, you read that right.” I saw this headline and I thought it was total click bait—but I can’t not click on a headline with No. 12’s name in it. (Although most of the TVP Comms team would disagree with me.) While I’m not sure Coach Belichick would approve of him in the ring, Brady was on a tour of Asia as part of his Under Armour deal and got to try his hand at sumo wrestling in Japan. Say what you will—the photos and video are pretty entertaining.

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