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Week in Review: Jamming on my Planner

It’s a really exciting time of year—I get to order a new planner! I know I’ve professed my love for paper calendars before, and my love hasn’t wavered. I’ve been using a planner since we used to get free agendas in middle school, and I’ve never been able to kick the habit. For almost a decade, I’ve ordered the same Moleskine planner each year, despite the fact that I can access (and use) several calendars on my phone and computer. I don’t really duplicate items, so it’s not an unmanageable beast. There’s just something about a paper planner that I love, and this particular one has abundant list-making space, a must-have for me. I still have some of my old ones for lists of books read, books to be read, wines I liked, snippets of poetry, plant varieties I wanted to grow, and I do reference them from time to time. I’m getting giddy just thinking of breaking in the new one.


If you’re getting giddy thinking of the latest in higher ed, scroll down for more.

What’s new this week:

Fredo Rivera, Grinnell College professor and alum ’06, reflected on how the LGBTQ community and Latinos helped make Miami an art capital in an essay for the Advocate.

The international box office might be to blame for the lack of diversity in Hollywood films, according to Scripps College Professor Roberto Pedace. His article, which originally appeared in The Conversation, also ran in The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blog, don’t miss a post on proceeding with caution when sending texts to teens.

What we’ve been talking about:

It’s always great when a press release generates news, but not so great when a press release IS the news. Erin looks at the recent Arizona State University press release fumble in a Quick Hit.

Thanks to Ali and Rufus, TVP Comms holiday cards are arriving in mailboxes across the country. Teresa and Perry got their card today. #happyholidays2017 #thanksusps

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Erin is spending the day with women leaders in #highered who see media relations skills as vital to their success. We agree!

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What’s next on our calendars:

Teresa will lead a crisis communications session and case study review for the Dean’s Section of the American Association of Law Schools in San Diego, CA on January 6, 2018.

On Feb. 9, 2018, Erin will present “Finding—and Using—Your Voice: A Communications Toolkit for Advocates,” part of Mount Holyoke College’s Advocacy in the Public Domain event series.

Teresa will be at the National Conference on Trusteeship for the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges in San Francisco. She will run the Crisis Management: What is the Role of the Board? Workshop on April 22, as well as facilitate the master class Fake News, Social Media, and Your Institution’s Reputation on April 23.

What we’re recommending:

Erin Hennessy
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All the year-end best book lists are coming out and I’m combing through them, adding book after book to my library list. Here are some of the book list links our team has been sharing over the past few weeks:

The NPR Book Concierge is a visually beautiful, wide-reaching treasure trove of phenomenal reads.

The New York Times Book Review recently published its list of 100 notable fiction and nonfiction books and notable children’s books of 2017.

Publisher’s Weekly has its own best books of 2017 list.

And lastly, the LA Times has published its list of the best cookbooks of 2017.

Happy reading!

Ali Lincoln
This weekend, we’re in for a pretty drastic change in weather in Virginia: After a very mild and warm few weeks, it’s turning chilly and even snowy! But that’s fine by me, because my forecast calls for hunkering down with season two of The Crown, the Netflix original series about England’s Queen Elizabeth II. I’m also checking out this New York Times article on what to remember before starting my binge. Yes, Netflix, I’m still watching—don’t judge me. 

Cristal Steuer
I’m sure you’ve all seen the story of the unlikely friends: a 22 year-old African American male bonded with an 81 year-old white woman while playing Words With Friends online. The pair recently met, and the internet is loving the story because of the friends’ difference in age, in race, and where they live. But I love the story for a different reason. Ms. Guttman is not seeking publicity for this and says she is just behaving people how people should always be behave. If we could all only be Ms. Guttman, the world would be a better place.

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