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Week in Review: January 18, 2019

What’s new this week:

Tom Brady’s success as a team leader for the New England Patriots could be due to his “gentelligence,” according to Farmer School of Business Professor Megan Gerhardt. Check out her expertise in The Washington Post and Inc. for more on why introducing himself to all new players and creating opportunities for relationships and interactions with millennials may be helping Brady and the Pats post such great records.

In a piece for Salon, Professor Sarah Fankhauser explains how anti-vaccination pseudoscience seeps into public discourse and lists out—and takes down—almost every excuse in the book for not getting a flu shot.

In this Ivanhoe interview, Oxford College of Emory University Professor Catherine Bagwell shares research on how childhood friendships predict future success.

Douglas Hicks, dean and professor at Oxford College of Emory University, argues that a diversity of religions in Congress is essential to our democracy in an essay for The Hill. His essay was cited by the Catholic News Service, also appearing in OVS NewsweeklyCruxNorth Texas Catholic, and The Catholic Spirit.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blogbe sure to read about how the tactics used to improve email campaigns may actually be limiting their potential.

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