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Week in Review: June 15, 2018

What’s new this week:

In an article for Carolina Parent, Professor Catherine Bagwell of Oxford College at Emory University explains how neighborhood knowledge and creating opportunities to interact with neighbors is essential for your children to make friends.

Longwood University professor Catherine Franssen offers advice on how to prevent and deal with buyer’s remorse for Elliot consumer advocacy blog.

A new immigration policy can separate children from their parents as families seek asylum. Professor David Gowler of Oxford College at Emory University considers how Jesus, Mary, and Joseph would fare today in an article for History News Network.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blogbe sure to check out a post on journey mapping as a new way to brainstorm. 

What we’ve been talking about:

Speaking of brainstorming, Cristal details why dedicated brainstorming sessions with full buy-in from participants can yield big results.

Erin weighed in on social media strategies for presidents in this Inside Higher Ed piece on University of British Columbia’s president, Santa Ono, mixing policy and personality on Twitter.

What’s next on our calendars:

Teresa will present at The American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI) 2017-2018 Executive Leadership Academy Closing Seminar in Washington, DC. The session will be “Presidential Communication in a Crisis” and will be held on Monday, June 18.

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