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Week in Review: May 31, 2019

What’s new this week:

This LiveScience article has everything you need to know about measles, including information on symptoms, treatment, and vaccination. As the cases of measles surges, it’s important to arm yourself with information: This disease is so contagious that according to Dr. Deepa Mukundan of the University of Toledo, a person can get measles by being in a room where someone infected with the virus has been, even up to two hours after they’ve left.

Representative Norma Torres says aid, not punishment, is a solution to the border crisis, and Grinnell College Professor Eliza Willis agrees. Read more on why this approach would be better in this Press-Enterprise piece.

Too few students are checking the graduation rates of the colleges and universities that they’re applying to, and Director of Coalition for College Annie Reznik explains why this can be a costly oversight in this piece for MarketWatch.

This Chronicle of Higher Education feature on virtual reality in the classroom includes details on how Professor Tim Arner of Grinnell College has been working with his students to virtually construct the mead hall in Beowulf.

In a thoughtful essay for Inside Higher Ed, Oxford College of Emory University Professor Gary Glass argues that colleges need to rethink how they address student mental health on campus and take up a more connections-based approach.

May 1 has passed, and with it national college signing day and countless graduation ceremonies. But for some, there’s not been a reason to celebrate. Noel Harmon, President and Executive Director of Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars has answers for parents of students who didn’t get into college or who cannot realistically afford their current options–check out this post on Medium for her tips.

Kindergarten friendships are crucial for childhood development, and in this piece for Fatherly, Professor Catherine Bagwell of Oxford College of Emory University shares advice on how to help young children build healthy friendships at school without overstepping.

University of Toledo’s commencement speaker actress Katie Holmes makes the NBC Nightly News’ annual commencement round up.

What’s next on our calendars:

Erin will present on Crisis Management, Leadership and Communications during the ACE Fellows Program’s closing retreat on June 5 in Portland, Oregon.

Erin will participate in a panel titled, “Communicating during a Crisis: The Challenges for Media and Higher Education,” at the Worldviews 2019 conference in Toronto, Canda on June 13. She will join Scott Jaschik, editor of Inside Higher Ed; David Estok, vice president of communications at the University of Toronto; and Robert Cribb, investigative and foreign affairs reporter for the Toronto Star to discuss how media and institutions should communicate during times of crisis.

Teresa will present “Legal and Communication Issues: How Your Attorney and Your Communications Officer Can Save You” at the American Academic Leadership Institute’s Executive Leadership Academy on July 16. 

Teresa will co-lead an Academic Impressions workshop on Developing Presidential Voice: Strategies and Best Practices on September 26-27 in New Orleans.

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