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A Ten-Year Anniversary Reflection

A decade ago, I took the scariest leap of my career and launched my own company. Today I am pleased to celebrate a milestone anniversary for our agency. 

I have many things to be proud of and at the top of the list is the TVP Communications team. I am honored to work alongside a group of dedicated industry leaders, but more importantly I am pleased to have a team of people I enjoy spending time with daily. I want to thank (in order of hiring) Kristine Maloney, Erin Hennessy, Ali Lincoln, Cristal Steuer and Kylie Kinnaman for their work and dedication. Each day I am blown away by their intelligence and creativity. Individually they are amazing and collectively we are stellar.

And I want to thank my family for their support over the past ten years. My daughter was only ten when I started this journey and she and my husband have been gracious as I missed events, dinners and holidays so that I could make TVP Communications succeed. I am forever indebted to them for their sacrifices and support.

I was nostalgic when I read that the ten-year anniversary is symbolized by aluminum or tin because each is used to preserve things. And they are symbolic of our work at TVP Communications. We help to preserve the knowledge, benefits and opportunities associated with higher education. Over the past ten years we have provided counsel to over 130 colleges and universities (and lots of related entities), produced nearly 1,350 media clips for our clients and have logged 150 placements ourselves. Those numbers, successes and our impact outpaced my expectations when I nervously published the website and waited for the phone to ring. And I am so thankful for my first client I landed on that first day, every client during our first decade and those yet to come.

Here’s to many, many more years of success and a continued reputation for and reality of creating positive change.