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Happy Fourth Anniversary: Time Flies When You're Having Fun

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I’m pleased to share TVP Communications is celebrating its fourth anniversary. And hitting this milestone reminds me that when I launched the firm four years ago people felt compelled to wish TVP Comms well and concurrently share statistics on the number of:

  • Businesses that close before they reach their first anniversary
  • Agencies that are unable to grow revenue year after year and
  • Small businesses that never grow bigger than five employees.

We are extremely lucky to beat the odds and can’t wait to buck even more trends.
I’m often asked for the secret to our success thus far, and it’s pretty simple:
Surround yourself with people you like and respect. I’ve hired great people and enjoy their perspectives, insights, intelligence and humor. Being around them makes work not feel like work.
Partner with clients you believe in. At the end of the day, I want for all of us to feel good about our work and the causes we’ve advanced. And thankfully, higher education is filled with partnerships that matter.
Value honesty. We are very honest with each other and with our clients, because we know it is easier to make informed decisions if you’ve been presented with and thought through a range of options and potential outcomes.
Give yourself enough time to be creative. We schedule brainstorming time each week (or at least try to do so!) because we know it is a luxury that allows us to stay on top of our game.
And most importantly, remember to give thanks. I am humbled that so many institutions, organizations and businesses have entrusted us with their important news. Thank you.
Your support isn’t taken lightly– this anniversary is as much ours as yours. Feel free to raise a glass or eat a cupcake alongside us.