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"How to Love and be Loved" Hits the Spot

Today is such an emotional news day and my heart is heavy. I thought I would lighten the mood a bit (I honestly need it) and remind us that it is Friday and a weekend is just around the corner.
All of us at TVP Communications banter quite a bit and a repeated conversation among us centers on our selected spirit animals. Although many, myself included, approach this question with a traditional answer, two of our team members approached it a way that reflects their personalities perfectly. Kyle has long identified his spirit animal as Lil Wayne and Erin identified hers as Bulleit Bourbon with three ice cubes.  Love it!
Me, I’m more basic. My spirit animal, without a doubt, is a Labrador Retriever. I’m a mix of loving and loyal and hope people think of me as being at their side when they need me.
For that reason, the “How to Love and be Loved” blog post warmed my heart. Want to know all about my inner workings and mindset? Then read this blog entry, written by Lucy Miller, for significant insights directly from my spirit animal. Although, I’ve never piddled on the floor from excitement– otherwise the list holds pretty well.
And- because it is Friday- here’s a picture of my very own Lab when she was a puppy.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.29.42 AM

Have a great weekend :).