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A New Year’s Makeover

Earlier this week I was approached by a stranger while I was having a quiet lunch who gleefully explained to me that she was a Mary Kay consultant and had a great opportunity for me. According to her, I looked like someone who could benefit from a makeover and she could provide the opportunity for a “new you in the new year.”
I tried not to be insulted and/or laugh at her choice of approach. Instead, I responded that “I think my look reflects who I am.”
But, what she didn’t know was that the TVP Comms website was undergoing a “new you in the new year” makeover. We’ve grown significantly over the past three years and needed a site that mirrored our transformation. The team and I hope the changes make it more dynamic, informative and reflective of the great work we do on behalf of our higher education clients. And, I’m pleased to have new ways to highlight the expertise Erin, Kyle, Kristine and Ali bring to the table.
Let us know what you think in the comments section below. And, please keep in mind that we are always open to conversations about the industry or even blog topics. As with any organization, we’re even stronger with feedback.