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Quick Hit: TVP Comms in the News

Much of the time, the TVP Comms team is behind the scenes helping to secure strong media placements for our clients. But lately, we’ve had some great hits of our own!

Last week, Erin weighed in on the social media activity of college leaders for Inside Higher Ed’s piece on Santa Ono’s Twitter presence. While there are many benefits to being engaged and active on social media, she explains, “Mixing policy announcements with personal statements on social media is a ‘challenging’ strategy for university presidents to pull off” and that a happy medium should be sought out. The article also ran in Times Higher Education this week.

Teresa shared her expertise with The Seattle Times on the anticipated big drop in enrollment at Evergreen State College after consistent media attention on protests. She explains that campus news, conflicts, and crises are no longer just presented to campus audiences. Activists who want to disrupt left-leaning college cultures often go straight to media outlets to express outrage. She says, “They’re protesting the greater campus culture, and how they don’t fit into that.”

After reading the announcement from eight elite D.C. school about dropping the AP program from their curriculum, Ali wrote a piece for Inside Higher Ed on the costly downsides to ditching AP. In addition to offering challenging classes in high school, college credits from AP exams can save tuition dollars and afford academic freedom. The schools ditching the AP serve mostly affluent, privileged students who have access to higher ed opportunities already. “But for everyone else, enrolling in AP classes is a privilege, too, even with its faults, and it’s hard to ignore academic opportunities. Especially ones that could chip away at the expense of a degree,” she says.