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Ringing in FY 2013-2014 with the Wisdom of Vince Vaughn

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Sunday serves as the higher education equivalent of New Year’s Eve. I’m always up for a new start or a celebration, so know on Sunday I’ll be writing my new year’s resolutions and lighting sparklers (this actually, and perhaps sadly, is true).
My biggest goal in the coming year is to learn more about what’s new and effective in social media, with status as a dinosaur at stake. At my daughter’s request, our family recent saw the movie “The Internship,” There was a moment when Vince Vaughn’s character was talking about putting a picture “on the line” that cause me to have a reality check.
I’ve kept pretty up to date with social media, but if I don’t pay attention I will very quickly become Vaughn’s  character. And, at least one member of my staff already thinks I’m pretty close to that status already. The same is true for you and your institution. Pay attention to what is going on in social media, what other colleges and your competitors are doing, and what makes sense for your institution Or, you may become Exchange-O-Gram University.