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The Psychology to Convince Your Faculty and Dean to Speak to the Media

The University of Texas at Austin – August 10, 2023 – Teresa Valerio Parrot

The expectations to build your department/program/unit’s brand and increase awareness of its offerings through media relations require the buy-in of and participation from faculty and leadership. Yet faculty and deans/directors can bristle at the idea of engaging in media relations efforts. Presenter Teresa Valerio Parrot, principal at TVP Communications, has cracked the code for what works when proposing the concepts of sharing expertise and placing thought leadership pieces to academics and administrators. She’ll share how to serve as an armchair psychologist to unpack their previous media experiences (good and bad); address their fears; build trust, buy-in, and cooperation; and provide tips for packaging opportunities that resonate with your experts and show results with key audiences.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Apply a little bit of psychology to increase media participation.
  • Identify and personalize opportunities for buy-in.
  • Train faculty and administrators for brand ambassador roles, thought leadership opportunities, participation in internal communications, and social media initiatives.
  • Report successes to faculty to encourage further participation.