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Week in Review: Bookworms

This past weekend, I booked a little getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains to celebrate my birthday with my family. We went apple picking, visited some wineries, and despite less-than-ideal weather, we had a nice, relaxing time. My favorite part of the weekend, though, was right when we arrived at our AirBnB. We brought a small bag of toys from home for my daughter to play with, and she dumped them out, looked up at us, and said, “Any books?” She’s so my kid—we both had to pack extra bags just to fit our books for the weekend!

If you’re looking to pack an extra bag of higher ed news, scroll down for the latest.

What’s new this week:

Monique Frost, associate director of career and professional development at the Farmer School of Business, weighed in on the pros and cons of working for the family business in an article for Good Call.

The Mastery Transcript Consortium continues to make news! Don’t miss this op-ed in Education Dive on why students in public and private high schools will all benefit from a mastery transcript.

What we’ve been talking about:

How well do you know the TVP Comms team? Take this quiz to find out.

The view from @cristalsteuer’s office today doesn’t get much better. #mainethewaylifeshouldbe #summerweatherinfall

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How well do you know our team? Take this quiz about our college days for a chance to win $25 for your fave charity. 1. Which TVP Comms team member once had a job selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door while in college? 2. Which team member graced the cover of her alumni magazine while in college and regrets her bangs in that photo? 3. Which TVP Comms team member was an NCAA D1 athlete for a brief time in college until an allergy cut her not-so-promising career short? 4. Which member of the team went to college with Woody Allen’s then-stepdaughter (now-wife) and the star of the movie Annie? 5. Which member of the TVP Comms team accidentally swam in a restricted, roped-off area of ocean and coral reef during a snorkeling trip in the Bahamas, got separated from her group and needed to be rescued by a lifeguard because she was dangerously close to hundreds of poisonous sea urchins? A post shared by TVP Communications (@tvpcomms) on

What’s next on our calendars:

On Dec. 7, Erin will conduct media training for participants in the American Council on Education’s National Women’s Leadership Forum in Herndon, VA.

Teresa will lead a crisis communications session and case study review for the Dean’s Section of the American Association of Law Schools in San Diego, CA on January 6, 2018.

On Feb. 9, 2018, Erin will present “Finding—and Using—Your Voice: A Communications Toolkit for Advocates,” part of Mount Holyoke College’s Advocacy in the Public Domain event series.

What we’re recommending:

Cristal Steuer
While I love many things about fall—pumpkins, cozy sweaters, and lighting that first fire—my favorite is the comfort food! This Food & Wine article has the best fall foods, from butternut squash and sage wontons to pumpkin soup with lobster to apple turnovers. Looks like I have a lot of ingredients to add to my grocery list for this weekend.

Erin Hennessy
This week, I got to spend a day in Nashville and one of the highlights was a trip to Parnassus Books, a small, independent bookstore co-owned by one of my favorite authors, Ann Patchett. This is just the latest trip into which I’ve built a bookstore visit—in recent years, I’ve been to BookPeople while in Austin, Trident Books in Boston, Books & Books in Miami, City Lights in San Francisco, and Tattered Cover in Denver. These visits are a great opportunity to step out of my trip agenda and lose myself for a bit in books while picking up a bit of intel about the reading life of the city. If you’d like to join me in my book nerdiness, here’s a list of must-visit independent bookstores across the country.

Kristine Maloney
I’m an avid 60 Minutes watcher, and this past Sunday they profiled Brad Parscale, the digital director of Trump’s campaign and the man many credit with Trump’s victory. I’ve been thinking all week about the ways in which he was able to use Facebook in particular to promote his candidate (and disparage the opponent) in such a micro-targeted way, second-guessing clicking on posts and questioning things that have popped up in my feed. Since November I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Russian interference (via Facebook) in the election. And this week I’ve been preoccupied with one man’s ability to manipulate Facebook’s capabilities to his advantage, which is why I was drawn to this Atlantic article on how Facebook changed American democracy. It’s fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. But one thing is clear, social media has more power than we realize. And while it’s impossible to say how the 2016 election would have turned out without Facebook, it’s certainly a wake up call for the future.

Teresa Valerio Parrot
This week I’m obsessed, again, with a competitive app game. Last year my daughter and I played each other at Stop so often we both had to delete it from our phones because it was taking over our lives. Stop is a game where you spin a wheel to select a letter and then type a word for five different categories that starts with that letter. The goal is to do so in the shortest amount of time. It’s addictive and it brings out my competitiveness. So, if you’re interested in a bit of competition, challenge me to a match!

Ali Lincoln
You may want to grab some tissues before checking out this New York Times Op-Doc on a Holocaust survivor who made an incredibly difficult decision to save her life. The story is devastating, but also wonderful. And the mini documentary itself is incredibly made, and so beautiful, which makes the survivor’s tale that much more poignant.

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