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What’s in a minute? More than 60 seconds.

Yesterday I found myself talking with two friends about how at times it feels like social media and the Internet have overtaken our lives. Keeping up with friends: Facebook. Breaking news: Twitter. Cat videos: YouTube. Settling an argument at a bar: Google, IMDB or Wikipedia. Seeing what my friends had for lunch: Instagram.
That doesn’t even begin to cover the sheer amount of time just spent online every day: searching the web, sending email, listening to Spotify, reading news, etc. It’s no wonder that at times the minutes seem to fly by—especially with everything mentioned above available at all times on my phone.
After our conversation ended, as luck would have it, I randomly stumbled on an infographic from Qmee detailing what happens during a single minute online. I was blown away.
Every time I see a new infographic such as the one below, it takes a while for my brain to comprehend the sheer volume of everything presented—considering this only represents one minute. There are 1,440 minutes in a day.
While it might seem like it’s overtaking our lives, most of us by now also recognize the importance of including social media as an integral part of any communications strategy. However, this infographic continues to reiterate the fact that it’s not enough just to have a presence online when you’re competing with so much else out there. It’s imperative to know your audiences, where they are and what appeals to them.
60 seconds online