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When a Dreamliner Becomes a Nightmare

Last week Kyle and I had a busy travel schedule on United Airlines. Imagine our surprise when we heard the following clip on each and every flight:

The video snippet was featured inflight as the introduction to the safety video while concurrently the media was covering numerous fires onboard the 787s in the United States and abroad. Each time the video started we looked at each other and rolled our eyes.
I appreciate the airline’s delight in its new planes and that the video was already in rotation before the fires started, but someone needed to pull the plug on the Dreamliner fleet as a pride point until the fires were addressed.
We have responsibility to serve as leaders for our institutions/organizations and take a critical eye to our promotional materials. This includes making important calls when we experience landscape changes. If we don’t have the nimbleness or power to pull the plug on wayward promotions immediately, then we run the risk of having our CEO’s brag when everyone else is talking about next steps and solutions.
Yesterday the FAA grounded all Dreamliners until fire risks have been addressed. Let’s hope United finally took their video out of rotation.