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You Scored a Great Placement, Now What? How to Build Out Expert Profiles

The University of Texas at Austin – August 10, 2023 – Teresa Valerio Parrot

While it takes a lot of work to earn solid media placements, the reality is your job has only begun once the clip is available if you want to get maximum exposure from it. Your goal should be to share widely so that your experts are top of mind for reporters and for opportunities that advance their careers and the reputation of your department/program/unit. In this session, learn how to take the placements you’ve earned and use them to build and round out the ways in which you highlight the work of your faculty.

Teresa Valerio Parrot will share how to share and repurpose content to build expert profiles:

  • On your own website and through internal communications channels.
  • Through creation of an experts guide.
  • On social media for maximum reads/views, shares, and clicks.
  • With aggregators, lists and sharing platforms.
  • With associations, scholarship-based organizations and groups that matter for your faculty.
  • By assisting faculty as they build out their own social media presences.