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Quick Tips Regarding Your Website and Crisis Alerts

First, I want to send genuine good thoughts to Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis. I hope their website update is only a drill and nothing more.
Having said that, the appearance of their website alert language is an important reminder to all of us to test the look and feel of our emergency messages in advance of an emergency. Make sure the text is readable (size matters!) so people can find the information they need during confusing times. Also, check to see how it looks on mobile devices and tablets, not just traditional desktop browsers.


Also, as pointed out by my colleague Rachel Reuben of Ithaca College,  if your alert language includes a hyperlink for more information, make sure your link includes more information. This is the linked IUPUI page:



Note that no further details or guidance are provided.


And, as always, remember that it is easier to Monday quarterback than to be in the game.


A sincere wish for a good outcome for IUPUI.