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The Morning After

Screenshot from Penn State from CNN coverage.

Last night I took to social media along with my friends and colleagues to watch the outcome of the Penn State board of trustees meeting.  The results weren’t surprising nor the way in which the situation has gripped America’s attention.
It’s the morning after… where do we go from here?
I’m going to borrow language from a friend in higher education:

For those of us in higher ed, the soul searching may have finally begun. Whether people realize it or not, the well being of this country depends on our colleges and universities. From basic research, to creating and innovating, to our main line of business – providing opportunity through education for millions of people, it is time to return the national focus to what we do best: making this world a better place.

I couldn’t agree more.  Let’s direct our focus back to our industry.
Having said that, I still reserve the right to have an additional post or two about Penn State ;).