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The Supreme Court, DOMA, Prop 8, and Your Experts

This has been a big week for news from Supreme Court, but two of this year’s most highly anticipated rulings are still yet to be handed down. We will know tomorrow the Court’s opinions on two landmark cases related to gay marriage –Windsor v. U.S. (Defense of Marriage Act) and Hollingsworth v. Perry (Proposition 8).
And, whichever way the justices rule, the media attention is likely to be substantial—which will provide plenty of opportunities to get your experts’ thoughts and opinions on this topic out there. Now is probably a good time to dust off your notes on this subject, identify spokespeople, and reconnect with your key faculty and administrators to check on their availability for media interviews. If someone on your campus has something particularly different to say about these cases, it’s probably a good idea to get a draft op-ed ready to go. And, if there are editors or journalists with whom you have good relationships—and who you know will be covering the decisions—let them know your institution will be ready to weigh in.
Also keep in mind the Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action case that the justices asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit to re-evaluate on Monday, as well as the Shelby County v. Holder Voting Rights Act Case, which was decided this morning amidst much controversy. Both of these are still very much in the news, and prospective is needed to put the Court’s decisions into context.
We’ll be keeping an eye on all of these cases, and hope to see lots of college and universities represented in the media coverage of the rulings. If you have luck placing an expert on one or more related topics, please share the link with us in the comments section.