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Week in Review

For the State of the Union, did you play Obama Obingo? Members of the Parrot family sure did! They looked at games from the Tea Party, Vox, EWA, LWV and CNN—and SLP walked away with the win on CNN’s board.
For the state of higher education this week, read on.
What’s new this week:
Teresa Valerio Parrot’s expertise was quoted in this article on how the interim president of California University of PA has been handling crisis communications at the institution.
Congrats to Jarad Bernstein at Drake University for making Business Record’s Forty Under 40 list for 2015!
Higher One unveiled it’s revamped “$tart with Change” website dedicated to helping students improve their money management skills, featuring tips, advice and resources from Mary Johnson, a familiar name on the Week in Review! $tart with Change was recently recognized by as one of the 10 Best Finance Education Sites of 2015. And Mary’s expertise was also featured in a USA Today College article on the FAFSA.
What we’ve been talking about:
It was no surprise to Ali Lincoln that college students aren’t as prepared for employment as they think, but she offers thoughts on why employers shouldn’t write new grads off just yet.
Kristine Maloney gave us five good reasons to brave the cold and get out on campus this January to mine for new stories and build new relationships.
What we’ve been reading:
Ali Lincoln
I may have cried during the SOTU, but my idealistic heart had a hard battle with my cynical brain this week. Stories like this made me hopeful, but others like this and this made me wary.
Teresa Valerio Parrot
I liked this piece and would like to make sure people know about the Washington Post’s new blog, Grade Point.
Erin Hennessy
It isn’t new to see college and university students engaging in social justice action and protests, but this POLITICO piece considers how these protests are being coordinated and, in some cases, carried out on social media—a new twist on age-old campus activities.
Kristine Maloney
Is knowing who got in and why a potential admissions game changer? I’m also glued to the Patriots’ press conferences…they’re normally masters with the media, but Belichick wasn’t quite as poised this week. It’s not higher ed, but it’s media/crisis related and I’m hooked.
Kyle Gunnels
A rankings list that’s NOT higher ed related! Also non-higher ed related, but one of the more captivating, informative and sad articles I’ve read in a while from POLITICO Magazine (about Billie Holiday).
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