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What I Read: Keeping Up with Current Trends

I’ve had some recent conversations with people who indicated that at times it feels like a daunting task to have to stay current on a variety of trends in addition to a normal day’s workload. However, as a communications professional it’s imperative to have a grasp on what’s happening in a variety of industries (including our own), as well as current events around the country and world. If you’re one who finds the thought of this to be overwhelming, it might be helpful to actually plan part of your day around simply reading up on what’s going on—put a 30 minute hold on your calendar every day to remind yourself to do so.
As a self-proclaimed “information junkie,” I wanted to provide links to several different resources that I read and check out on a regular basis in order to stay fresh on what’s going on. You can consider this as a starting point, and most provide a daily email newsletter to which you can subscribe—something I find particularly helpful. Check a few of them out and you might be surprised how something different can inspire you to infuse new ways of thinking into your work!
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