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Beyond Covid-19, Here’s What Else Communicators Should Plan For This Year

students on campus with masks

With most campuses set to reopen fully in the coming weeks—some for the first time since March 2020—some of the issues that had taken a back seat to (or were a byproduct of) Covid-19 are likely to surface. While the Delta variant has many scrambling, yet again, to make decisions, adjust and finalize plans for fall semester, it’s important not to lose sight of other things that will require attention once students, faculty and staff are back in person. 

I recently wrote about some of the things I anticipate communications professionals needing to address this academic year for Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blog. There are more than I listed, and surprises will crop up, to be sure. That’s no different than any year. But I’d argue that there hasn’t been another issue as all-consuming as Covid-19 before, so the need to deliberately stop, anticipate and plan for the year ahead has never been more necessary. 

I’d love to know what others are thinking about as well—and that includes the good things to come, because there will be many of those this year, too. For me, above all else, I am looking forward to a non-election year news cycle and hopefully seeing my amazing group of strong women TVP Comms colleagues in person soon. Share what’s on your mind by commenting below or starting a conversation on Twitter, @tvpcomms or @kristinemaloney.