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It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Let’s face it—the big news lately has been discouraging and disappointing (I’m talking about you Congress). So, today I’m focusing all of my energy on happy things. And one thing keeping me very happy this fall is knowing that Anchorman 2 will be in theaters on December 20. Merry Christmas!

Things have changed since Ron Burgundy last worked in a newsroom. This time around, he takes on the 24-hour news cycle we have all developed a love/hate relationship with. I can hardly wait.
Until then, I’ll just have to continue marveling at the advertising genius of Will Ferrell, who wrote, produces and stars in the new Dodge Durango commercials as Burgundy. The campaign is memorable, hysterical and AdWeek says its “destined for greatness.” Kind of makes me think Ferrell would make a great higher ed marketing professional. He certainly speaks to the target market and executes nearly flawless strategy. Then again, I have a hard time picturing him at a board meeting.
Needless to say, if he’s ever looking for a career change, creativity like his is always welcome at TVP Communications.
Stay classy higher ed.