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Quick Hit: Rethinking Your Pitch

I’m not a cover-to-cover reader of Entrepreneur magazine, but do find myself on their site fairly regularly for higher education-related (particularly b-school) stories. This month the Editor’s Note, “Pitching Your Business to a Journalist? Here’s What Works,” also caught my eye.

I never pass up an opportunity to hear directly from journalists about what elements of a pitch are most likely to lead to a story. You never know what new tips or strategies you’ll take away or how you might rethink a pitch based on new details you learn.

So, I clicked on the column. And, I clicked on all the related stories on the page too: 5 Tips on Pitching to the Media, The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Pitch the Press, 5 Things Not to Do When Pitching Journalists. If you’re looking for a 10-minute professional development opportunity to break up the day, I recommend these reads.

All were great reminders of how to be strategic and successful in this line of work, many were justifications that I’m doing at least some things right, and there were a couple of ideas I haven’t yet tried, but will keep in mind for particular pitches down the road.