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TVP Communications in the News: ‘Tweet Smart, Tweet Often’

For her August 20 story about social media training for student athletes at Colgate University, Inside Higher Ed reporter Allie Grasgreen, called upon Teresa Valerio Parrot, higher education media and crisis counselor and the principal of our firm, for insight.
Teresa applauded Colgate’s efforts to address the sensitive issue and commended their mutually-beneficial approach to educating students about the realities of social media.
“’Student-athletes are 19- to 24-year-olds; they’re just like every other college student on campus, with one exception. And that’s that they’re under a major spotlight,’ she said. ‘For some student-athletes, it may not resonate that what they say reflects positively or negatively on the department, but they’ll probably understand what that impact can be as they look for a job, as they go home at Christmas time and have to face their parents.’”
Personally I couldn’t agree more! Kudos to Colgate for tackling this issue head on and working to protect both their students and the institution from a potential publicity crisis. And thanks to Allie Grasgreen for sharing the story!
Read the entire article, including more from Teresa.