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Week in Review

If April showers bring May flowers, what do April snow showers bring? That’s right, folks—it’s still snowing up in Massachusetts. Other parts of the country are enjoying warmer temperatures, sunshine, daffodils, and trees in bloom, while I had to shovel my steps yesterday. Seriously, Mother Nature, cut me a break—I need something new to write about!
For non-weather related updates, scroll down and enjoy!
What’s new this week:
California State University San Marcos had a twofer in AASCU’s Public Purpose Winter 2015 edition—an interview with and a byline from President Karen Haynes
The March/April issue of Trusteeship included a piece from Frostburg State University President Jonathan Gibralter on the board’s role in sustainable farming and organic problem solving.
Media hits continued to trickle in this week for the Money Matters on Campus report and panel, including a feature in the Daily Free Press.
What we’ve been talking about:
Since April is financial literacy month, resident student financial aid enthusiast Ali Lincoln couldn’t help chiming in on the blog with some thoughts on the importance of financial literacy among students.
What we’ve been reading:
Erin Hennessy
My dear friend (and former roommate) Megan Weintraub oversees digital engagement for Oxfam America and is THE smartest tweeter I know. Today she shared an article I think will make advancement professionals nod vigorously in agreement. Read that article, which talks about moving from fundraising to a culture of engagement and click to follow Megan on Twitter.
Last week Ali mentioned that I was on vacation—and my idea of a vacation is six days by a pool with a bunch of books on my Kindle. I got through four during this trip, but I’m already eyeing this list of the 100 best books of the decade so far for my next vacation.
Kristine Maloney
For anyone following the Rolling Stone campus rape cover story case, this is a really interesting interview by the faculty at Columbia’s Journalism School, who just completed a months-long investigation into what went wrong, who messed up and how. 
Mad Men is back! And with it came a few articles I couldn’t resist that combined my love for the show with my passion for higher ed and PR.
Ali Lincoln
Like Kristine, I’m pumped for the return of Mad Men, so enjoy a few more articles—one on leadership advice and the other on white male privilege.
And this article warmed my heart this week. I’m so glad to see schools continuing to expand access to higher education to all students living in the U.S.
Kyle Gunnels
I always love to see how brands use social media to engage with others. This week, the University of Wisconsin and Duke University official Twitter accounts had a bit of fun going back and forth in advance of the NCAA men’s basketball championship, showing that it’s okay to change it up every now and then in terms of tone/content.
However, this week Hostess also decided to make a joke that fell completely flat, which shows that even though you think something is funny, it might not land the way you want.
Teresa Valerio Parrot
This week I’m on spring break with my daughter and asked her to fill in for me while on vacation. She asked me to share two Buzzfeed pieces. The two of us have texted links of Maple videos with each other while I travel—this is a great primer for everyone to fall in love with our favorite Golden Retriever.
And this list basically summed up each of our childhoods, except my school didn’t have a Scholastic book fair—our socioeconomic status qualified us as a Reading Is Fundamental school and we received free books from the nonprofit. I looked forward to the RIF day each year and volunteered so I could get an extra selection. We hope you can relate to the excitement of reading for pleasure—a major focus for us on this trip!
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