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Week in Review: Welcome to Miami

Greetings from Florida! This week, the whole TVP Comms team headed to South Beach for a staff retreat—and some sunshine, ocean air, and time by the pool. And, as a souvenir, we picked up a TVP Comms Instagram account!

The TVP Comms team went to Florida and all we got was this lousy Instagram account… At our annual company retreat, we decided to expand our social footprint. Follow along for more of our adventures! #retreat #miami #socialmedia #tvpcomms #pr

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While you’re waiting for a follow back from us, check out the latest in higher ed news this week.

What’s new this week:

In the latest U.S. News & World Report Debate Club, Grinnell College professor Barbara Trish made a case for how Jaime Harrison can help the DNC chair rebuild the Democratic Party.

In an article from the Iowa AP, David Cook-Martin of Grinnell and Mark Kende of Drake University weighed in on the legislature’s immigration proposals.

Congrats to the College of the Holy Cross for breaking the liberal arts college record for single-day fundraising. On Valentine’s Day, their #ILoveHC campaign raised $1.64 million and had over 6,100 participants.

David Skidmore, professor at Drake, examined for Fortune Trump’s foreign policy goals and challenges new presidents face when trying to make major changes.

Also for Fortune, Holy Cross professor Donald Brand wrote that Trump’s speech to Congress could force Democrats to start compromising.

Thomas Landy, director of the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture and director of Catholics and Cultures initiative at Holy Cross, explained why China may want to repair its fraught relations with the Vatican in a piece for The Conversation.

Grinnell professor Tammy Nyden shared her personal experience with her son’s schooling and his mental health issues in a Bright article on doing well in school with depression and other mental illnesses.

This week on Inside Higher Ed’s Call to Action blog, be sure to read posts on marketing alumni events and promoting study abroad, as well an important reminder of the power of words.

What’s next on our calendars:

On March 30, Erin will be presenting with Inside Higher Ed’s Paul Fain on crisis communications at CASE’s 25th Annual Conference for Institutionally Related Foundations.

On April 4, Teresa will be presenting at the CASE Institute for Senior Marketing and Communications Professionals.

Teresa is a member of the planning committee for PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education Senior Summit, which will be held in Washington, DC, April 5-7. At the Summit, Erin will participate in a panel discussion on the importance of a smooth presidential transition.

What we’re recommending:

Teresa Valerio Parrot
I read this CNN Money story about the son of migrant workers who grew up to become an astronaut and it resonated with me in part because it reflects elements of my father’s tough childhood. The story is such a great love letter to Jose Hernandez’s parents and wife, and it is a fantastic story about never giving up on your dream. Jose shared that his dad gave him some important advice that we should give to all students: “Decide what you want to do in life. Recognize how far you are from your goal. Draw a road map from where you are to where you want to go. Get your education and make an effort.”

Ali Lincoln
It’s fascinating—and terrifying—to think about your environmental footprint. And while I strongly believe that thinking about my own (and my family’s) has made me a better, more conscious consumer, I’m still a consumer that has a probably too-large footprint. This piece from NPR on the environmental footprint of bread was super interesting not only because it went beyond a typical car or home energy use example, but also because it offered ideas about how to use information about the environmental impact to lessen it at different steps in the process.

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