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Week in Review

Happy Friday! This week, the TVP Comms team took a stroll down memory lane…and it’s no surprise who took home the prize for top childhood nerd—yours truly, and proud of it. 🙂
Indulge your inner higher ed nerd and scroll down to get the latest!
What’s new this week:
Congratulations to Drake University for a successful announcement of its next president, Marty Martin!
The January Term courses at Saint Mary’s College of California made headlines this week. The unique offerings include a course on making craft beer and a course that requires students to willingly give up social media and cut back on tech.
JanuMary continues with more advice from Mary Johnson of Higher One and prize-winning San Jacinto College student Daniel Aquino.
What we’ve been talking about:
After presenting to the ACE Fellows, Teresa Valerio Parrot shared her thoughts for balancing crisis communications with gaps in information.
Kyle Gunnels wrote about the importance of international education and offered resources for those looking to gain more knowledge and context. 
What we’ve been reading:
Erin Hennessy
HANKS! The one and only Tom Hanks on how community college changed his life.
Kyle Gunnels
This was one of my fav reads from this week. And I know I’ve been all about that PIE News lately, but this was especially interesting (especially as institutions in the US keep increasing fees…for everyone).
Ali Lincoln
I’ve been devouring as much as I can about free community college. Who knows, maybe all of my clicks will make it more likely to come true.
Teresa Valerio Parrot
This week, I was focused on reading both sides of the story—with the Atlantic and the open letter from the CUNY communications guy, as well as the drop in UVA applications and whether or not the RS article played a role. And one last one.
Kristine Maloney
Loved this story. I’ve been interested in an update on Goucher since they announced their new plan.
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