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Week in Review

Despite the fact that it’s Friday the 13th, there’s a lot of love in the air. Media relations is taking a lesson from online dating, Drake University is offering singing Valentines, and a Wheelock College professor is boycotting Fifty Shades of Grey for a great cause. Plus, not only is today Galentine’s Day, but it’s also Kristine Maloney’s birthday (and as a gift, the sun came out in New England for the first time in a week). And since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, this TVP Comms team dance was inevitable
Once you get your fill of love, scroll on.
What’s new this week:
JanuMary has indeed continued into FebruMary with these tips from Higher One’s Mary Johnson on how to make and stick to money goals. Congrats to Mary on her promotion to Vice President of Financial Literacy and Student Aid Policy.
More sports scandals? You bet. Professor Rhett Brymer of Farmer School of Business was featured on Academic Minute for his research on bias among NCAA football referees.
We love when we can highlight client two-fers, and this week, there were two two-fers! (Sounds like the start of a tongue twister, doesn’t it?) In the national edition of Deseret News, a trend piece on meditation at colleges and universities included Maharishi University of Management and Saint Mary’s College of California. And in the January/February edition of ABG’s Trusteeship, the presidents and board members of Wheelock College and California State University San Marcos weighed in on relationships between their colleges, communities and boards.
And finally, since we really can’t escape the mountains of snow in New England—we’re getting another blizzard this weekend—Wheelock College professor Lennette Azziz-Lessing and other educators consider the impact of snow days on the achievement gap.
What we’ve been talking about:
Kyle Gunnels discusses the importance of social storytelling as the new reality of connecting to audiences online.
What we’ve been reading:
Teresa Valerio Parrot
This piece shares the very difficult position many institutions find themselves in when investigating allegations of sexual assault.
Kyle Gunnels
Here’s a great read on the college access divide. This quote included in the article, sadly, sums it up pretty well, “Your ZIP code can really determine what your future will look like.” And check out this very cool location-based learning project from the University of San Diego. 
Kristine Maloney
It seems my week has been consumed by news about the news. From this game-changing proposal by Kansas lawmakers to prohibit faculty at public institutions from using their titles and affiliations on opinion pieces to Brian Williams’s fall from grace to Jon Stewart’s decision to leave The Daily Show. I was also saddened to learn of the passing of 60 Minutes’ Bob Simon and New York Times columnist David Carr. In regards to Simon, his reporting on the Lost Boys of Sudan over the years was brilliant and impactful, and something that has remained with me.
Erin Hennessy
This is a really interesting Cory Weinberg piece on transgender students in B school.
Ali Lincoln
This was a really fun map to play with, very data filled. I spent a lot of time reading about inequality and inequity in education this week. This was an enlightening (and upsetting) piece on teacher bias with school-aged girls and STEM; be sure to click through all the links for a more comprehensive picture. I often joke that math is hard, but in truth I loved high school science and math—I would love to see the math stigma I experienced in elementary and middle school dismantled. Here was another eye-opening story (and upsetting) about the majority of students in this country living in poverty.
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